What is Omnichannel Commerce?

May 12, 2022

What is Omnichannel Commerce?

Understanding omnichannel commerce is essential for your brand to succeed in today’s market. In this article, 1WorldSync’s experts break down everything you need to know about omnichannel commerce. 

Defining Omnichannel Commerce

There is no such thing as an in-store-only brand experience. Shoppers research product content and information online before or during their trips to the store. 1WorldSync’s 2021 report found that seven out of ten shoppers agree a brand’s online presence compels them to seek out or pay more attention to those products in stores. 

Ninety-eight percent of shoppers research products online before going to the store at least some of the time. And eighty percent of shoppers research in-store via their smartphone at the same frequency. 

Brands must operate as though they’re working in an omnichannel market –– because they are. 

Omnichannel commerce is an approach to sales that provides a seamless customer experience regardless of how or where the client is shopping –– from a mobile device, on a laptop, or in person at a brick-and-mortar. 

In the same report referenced above, 1WorldSync found that consumers researched products via a mobile device while in store roughly 60 percent of the time. Brands rely on omnichannel product data even as consumers are in store holding products in their hands. 

The top searches conducted by shoppers in store are as follows: 

  1. Price comparisons (65 percent)
  2. Customer reviews (63 percent)
  3. Detailed product descriptions (43 percent)
  4. Health/nutritional info (32 percent)

As the lines blur between physical and online shopping, implementing a robust omnichannel strategy is crucial for your brand’s success. 

Prioritizing an Omnichannel Experience

Omnichannel removes the boundaries between different sales and marketing channels, creating a unified experience for the consumer. Unlike other marketing methods, omnichannel uses the customers’ perspectives and interests to optimize the efficacy of your campaigns. 

Because omnichannel marketing allows brands to target specific audiences, the probability of conversion is high. Prioritizing omnichannel for your brand provides you with benefits that a single-channel approach can’t deliver. 

With omnichannel, you get…

  • Greater reach 

With omnichannel approaches in your marketing and retail strategies, you reach customers where they are; they don’t have to seek you out for you to engage with them. Omnichannel allows you to target and connect with customers readily. 

  • Increased profits 

An omnichannel approach makes purchase simple for the consumer. When your products are on multiple channels, users can easily find and buy your goods. Additionally, omnichannel marketing and retail empowers you to improve your customer retention rates as established customers easily make additional or repeat purchases. 

  • Higher customer satisfaction 

Omnichannel methods keep customers happy with your brand. The faster and easier it is for shoppers to contact your service team, purchase products, or find information about your company, the better. Your omnichannel presence puts your customers at the center of your marketing efforts, creating an experience that feels crafted uniquely to the individual and their habits. 

Today’s consumer shops in an omnichannel market. They expect brands to provide an omnichannel experience. 

Content that Drives Omnichannel Commerce Success

Rich product content is a top factor in omnichannel commerce success. Research shows that 81 percent of consumers are willing to switch to a brand that provides more in-depth information than their competition. The same number of consumers agree that quality product content is more important than brand recognition in their purchase decisions. Shoppers want as much product data as possible and expect complete brand transparency. 

Rich product content helps you stand out in a sea of basic content. Your product detail pages should include engaging, informative, rich content that educates the user and gives them the confidence to proceed with purchase. Your photography and images are the top driver of engagement sales through rich product content.

Your photo quality can keep users on your page or drive them away. 1WorldSync research found that 75 percent of online shoppers say poor product photography or too few images causes them to leave a product detail page. When choosing product photography, invest in quality –– it’s a key factor that drives consumers to buy. 

Your image galleries should include quality, informative graphics that teach the shopper everything they need to know about your product. Content should include infographics that offer concise product features and specs and product photos that help shoppers imagine themselves using your goods. 

In addition to traditional photography, brands focusing on omnichannel should include 360-degree photography in their marketing strategy. The product images on your site are often the only access shoppers have to your goods. Spin imagery gives them a view of the item from all angles. It’s the next best thing to turning over a product in your hands. 1WorldSync’s image capture services allow you to present your products in the best light, giving shoppers a full understanding of your inventory. 

At 1WorldSync, we know what the user wants, and we have the tools and solutions you need to deliver product photography that converts in today’s omnichannel market. 

Data Management in an Omnichannel Market

As we’ve explored above, omnichannel commerce success relies heavily on product data consistency and quality. The team at 1WorldSync knows that your rich product content is key to helping you achieve the desired outcomes of your marketing efforts.  

Customers expect to have the same experience with your brand regardless of where they interact with you. Your website should communicate the same message as your socials, email campaigns, PPC ads, and all other channels where your brand is present.  

You must ensure your brand’s consistency to make the most of your marketing efforts. As shoppers move from platform to platform and even research your brand online as they’re in store, you must present the same information using the same brand voice, graphics, and other product details on all your channels. 

1WorldSync offers a proven, thorough solution for your brand’s data management needs through our ContentCast data synchronization program. With ContentCast, manufacturers and brands ensure their content is delivered seamlessly and in real-time to retailer sites. 

Brands and manufacturers across the world reap positive results from their omnichannel marketing. Below we discuss the top advantages of choosing ContentCast for your data synchronization. 

1. Leverage a single source of truth 

Creating an omnichannel experience provides consistency to the user and cultivates brand authority and trust. ContentCast empowers you to leverage a single source of truth to publish product data that is consistent, accurate, and informative. 

2. Analyze data 

ContentCast allows you to gain insights into content usage and performance through a comprehensive reporting suite. You can better measure product content efficacy and make changes accordingly.  

3. Create and Manage Content 

As a manufacturer, you have access to a self-service portal that allows you to build and manage your product content that we syndicate to over 3,000 global retail partners. 

ContentCast provides access to expertise in content creation and management resources. That content is then sent to a network of retailers with a global reach. Your audience enjoys thorough product content that empowers them to make an informed, confident purchase decision. 


Whether brands realize it or not, they operate in an omnichannel market. Consumers expect consistent product data and branding across channels. Data synchronization doesn’t have to complicate your omnichannel commerce marketing efforts. 1WorldSync is prepared to make your omnichannel experience simple, professional, and seamless –– and your customers will enjoy the same experience.

Contact our team today to learn how our tools, resources, and support can optimize your brand and marketing for omnichannel success.