1WorldSync’s Structure of Support

June 27, 2023

1WorldSync’s Structure of Support

At 1WorldSync, we are known for our world-class support. Our customers often rave about our rapid response rates, thorough education and training resources and ease of communication. This is no accident. We pride ourselves on minimizing customer problems and providing simple solutions. Our customers are our number one priority and with recent and ongoing advancements in our solutions and our support, we strive to continuously improve every day. This blog outlines 1WorldSync’s structure of support and a few ways in which it has expanded, focused and improved recently. 


Technical Support


The technical support team at 1WorldSync is who you think of when you think of 1:1 support to resolve customer issues. Our team consists of world-class professionals with varied and thorough experience across all of our solutions and resources. The focus of our technical support is customer satisfaction. We prioritize responding quickly and efficiently because we know our customers’ time is valuable.  Our team aims to understand our customers fully and to seek the solution that best supports them and their business. 


Customer Care


1WorldSync’s Customer Care team expands our white glove service across the 1WorldSync service portfolio. This proactive customer engagement model provides a premium service experience giving customers a single point of business contact for their curated portfolio. Through this model, customers are able to maximize the full value of their investment to achieve strong ROI through ongoing relationship management and a holistic approach.


Customer Community Platform


Of our support resources, the 1WorldSync Customer Community platform is among the most popular. Our Community platform modernizes the customer experience while providing a one-stop location for support, training, communication and more. Customers have access to troubleshooting and other content 24/7/365 and can ask questions of their peers even when the support team is unavailable. Content is searchable and easy to find with recent improvements to the Community.

We’ve committed to the expansion of our Community platform with new and exciting updates. We recently created and posted a how-to-use community video to help customers get started. We have been working to integrate other 1WorldSync applications beyond the legacy solutions. We are also integrating the JIRA ticketing system within the community so customers can get all support there including the opening and managing of tickets.  The functionality will recognize what customers are typing and recommend any solutions already in the community to reduce the number of tickets being created and help customers get answers quicker. We are also working to reward active customers through gamification and start to see more instances of users helping users. This nurtures the community and helps provide a network of support beyond our in-house team.

Additional improvements are in the works to further improve the customer experience.  These include more recipient spaces with details on how to troubleshoot issues when synchronizing with them, more support and training material, etc. The Community is a robust resource for our customers and these recent and upcoming improvements will help expand the opportunities for support for years to come.

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1WorldSync Community Homepage


The Help You Need, When You Need It


With our technical support, customer care team and community platform, 1WorldSync customers have a broad range of options for solving any issues that may arise across our solutions. As we grow our support structure and capabilities, our customers will have access to even more resources and assistance.  To learn more about our customer experience teams, visit our support page.