1WorldSync’s Brand Refresh and the Evolution of a Global Commerce Legacy

June 5, 2023

1WorldSync’s Brand Refresh and the Evolution of a Global Commerce Legacy

Today we’re thrilled to unveil one of the most significant evolutions of the 1WorldSync brand, and its reflection of our growth and leadership in Product Content Orchestration. We’re simplifying the creation and distribution of impactful content that’s accurate, consistent and relevant everywhere commerce happens.

What is Product Content Orchestration? 

Our CEO, Steve Sivitter, thinks of it this way:

“Product Content Orchestration describes the seamless harmonization of content, data and optimized results we enable our customers to achieve through our technology and services. We take the complexity out of the product content journey and replace it with a seamless experience for our customers and their clients. At 1WorldSync, we seek to make your job easier.”

With over two decades of experience powering more than 60% of the world’s validated global data for brands, retailers and healthcare recipients, the past three years have been among the most transformative in our history. We’ve evolved far beyond our roots to a company and platform that powers the data and content across the omnichannel ecosystem. We now support our customers with:

With all of that change and growth, now was the time to evolve the brand to appropriately reflect who we are today and where we continue to head into the future. 


 The Meaning Behind Our Refresh 

This brand evolution is not just a change of our color palette and typography, it’s a modernization of how we enable our customers to be more successful in growing sales and driving efficiency through their data and content, which ultimately powers exceptional commerce experiences for consumers – in store and online.

Our updated look and feel maintains some of the elements of our trusted legacy, such as our logo structure simplified to a single color, while emphasizing an inspirational and modern design system that speaks to our strategic position as the leader in Product Content Orchestration.



The new design system emphasizes the coordination and harmonization that has to take place in order for our customers to win on the physical and digital shelf. The shapes and lines are a nod to our company name, showcasing people, processes and a world of content being in sync and optimized. 


Orchestration Makes Impactful Content Possible 

Our research shows that more than 70% of brands and recipients are asking “How do we make sure our content is always accurate, consistent and relevant across every channel in a  fast-moving market?” This research has been an underpinning to how we’ve thought about the new capabilities we’ve brought to market, either through acquisitions or platform enhancements. 

See what we heard in prospect roundtables and customer interviews further highlighting what Product Content Orchestration means to them:

“When I think about the right content to the right person at the right time to the right channel, I think orchestration.”
– Head of Global E-Commerce, leading aesthetic and medical treatment company

“A major part of successful product content is orchestrating approvals and ensuring accuracy. When I see orchestration, I feel like it connects with what I do because so much of what I do is orchestrating things.”
Marketing Director, global leader in outdoor cooking, technology and products

Earlier this month we made our seventh acquisition that further expands our ability to serve even broader global market needs. Our suite of content creation services now includes capabilities that provide intelligent analytics and insights to optimize sales growth in e-commerce channels.

For our customers and future customers who may not be fully familiar with all that 1WorldSync is today and what our roadmap holds for the future, we invite you to learn more on June 20, when our Chief Product Officer, Randy Mercer, will host a virtual session that covers the future of 1WorldSync as the leader in Product Content Orchestration. You can register here.