Debunked! The Top 7 Reasons Brands Don’t Utilize 360-Degree Product Photography

February 21, 2022

Debunked! The Top 7 Reasons Brands Don’t Utilize 360-Degree Product Photography

Even though 360-degree product photography is now a mainstay on leading e-commerce sites worldwide, myths about the process, the cost, and the applicability for certain product types are still widely held. Below, we debunk the most common misconceptions surrounding 360-degree product photography. So the next time a colleague tells you it can’t be done for your brand, send them this post!

No. 1: My products are too big . . . too small . . . too flimsy . . . too shiny . . . too many . . . too different . . . to shoot economically!

The 1WorldSync product photography studio has almost literally seen it all. We provide specific components to handle everything from diamond rings to cars, strappy sandals to golf clubs, mannequins to grocery items, and as seen below, electronic parts to bed frames. Better yet, our equipment is computer driven for precise and speedy photography, allowing you to shoot hundreds of products per day if required. Think it’s not right for your products?  We’ll shoot one for free and help you determine the expected ROI.

No. 2: It would be too expensive to ship my products to a studio!

Very good point, actually. If you have large, cumbersome products or thousands of them, shipping can be an issue. The myth here is the belief that there’s no way to work around it. Because there is! 1WorldSync offers on-site 360 photography studio solutions, in which we bring our studio direct to your office, warehouse or distribution center. We provide everything for a successful shoot: The cameras, the platforms, the robots, and of course, our industry-best photographers.

No. 3: 360-degree photography and video are redundant; you don’t need both!

There is no doubt that video is an effective, if not essential, product marketing tool. Companies are seeing double digit uplift on products that are merchandised utilizing video. And the same can be said for products utilizing 360 or 3D spin. So why do both? It’s all about interactivity. A video is perfect to show real life use of a product, but it is a one-way broadcast.  The user has no way to control the product interaction. 360 and 3D spins, however, provide this control. Put another way, imagine this brick and mortar retail scenario: A shoe salesperson directs you to the proper shoe and tells you every little detail . . . that’s video. After getting the pitch, you pick the shoe up, turn it over and around to examine the craftsmanship . . . 360 product photography. It’s not an “OR”; it’s an “AND”.


No. 4: Our customers don’t require our products to spin . . . or at least they haven’t asked for it!

E-commerce conversions go through the roof when the consumer interacts with content like 360-spins. 1WorldSync’s recent survey of online shoppers found that out of all common imagery types found on e-commerce product detail pages, 360-spin photography was ranked the most helpful to their purchase. Not to be mean about it, but if you think your consumers don’t want an interactive digital experience in 2022, we’re willing to venture you haven’t talked to your consumers in 2022.

No. 5: I would have to prove the ROI before management would buy in . . . we’re too focused on other product content priorities!

Fair enough! We find the best place to start is not by listening to us ramble on but our love of 360, but hearing the love from our customers:

No. 6: It costs too much . . . and I probably won’t own the copyright on the image.

Nope and nope. A long while back, the first part had some truth to it. With the advancement of our technology, however, price is no longer a barrier when compared to future returns. Our tech, processes and software enable us to offer a competitively priced 360-degree product photography service, and your ROI should be realized in months not years. Best of all, with 1WorldSync, you own your photography for life. No royalties or restrictions — just your product, your imagery.

No. 7: Sounds great, but we have no clue where to even start . . .

We still get this one a lot. But by reading this far (thanks!), we can tell you’re already well on your way. At 1WorldSync, we’re passionate about making the entire product content journey—from gathering your core product attributes to capturing conversion-ready imagery—as seamless as possible.

Drop us a message here and we’ll kickstart your 360-degree photography program with a one free product spin on us.