Challenge Dairy Enables Their Sales Team and Drives Conversion with Digital Catalog

October 17, 2018

Challenge Dairy Enables Their Sales Team and Drives Conversion with Digital Catalog

Challenge Dairy, the top dairy foodservice producer and provider in California, needed a dynamic and real-time way to capture and present their product content equipping sales with the ability to showcase their products with the most up-to-date product information including descriptions, ingredients and images.

The Challenge

Challenge Dairy was receiving nutritional facts for many products from different vendors with no uniform formatting. Key attributes were spread out across numerous document and data could not be readily searched by product descriptions.

They needed:

  1. a single view of accurate and up-to-date product content across their enterprise
  2. to present their product attributes, ingredients and images in a marketable manner.

Enter 1WorldSync Digital Catalog Solution

Challenge Dairy enlisted 1WorldSync, the leading provider of trusted content, to mobilize their product content and reach buyers in a new way. They implemented the 1WorldSync’s Digital Catalog solution to go digital, sell everywhere and deliver content efficiently. Through the partnership, Challenge Dairy was able to:

  • Seamlessly create a online catalog with complete product details for consistent content across trading partners
  • Deliver downloadable selling/spec sheet PDFs and other digital sales aids (eg. I-Pads/laptop) to help drive global sales
  • Provide their sales team with easy access to the most up to date product content, including images
  • Visually style their dynamically generated product pages with custom, branded designs and tailored experiences.
  • Reduce reliance on email and other means of sharing product content.


The ability to provide and leverage rich, robust product content within product catalogs has allowed for internal and external success at Challenge Dairy. Their Retail and Foodservice Division sales teams (~35 persons) were introduced to the tool. The roll-out has been seamless and the response has been excellent. On an external scale, Challenge Dairy can now effectively pursue sophisticated accounts in their sales efforts.

“Thanks to 1WorldSync, we now have more confidence in the accuracy and appeal of our product marketing material that will help effectively inform customers of product attributes within Salesforce. Additionally having the ability to personalize which attributes can be included and in what format is unprecedented for us!”~Kenny Nesmith, District Sales Manager, Challenge Dairy

Future Scope

In the future, Challenge Dairy would like to:

  • implement a one pager with the ability to include the UPC barcode
  • build “Active Lists” used to organize by product categories
  • link digital catalog to an online ordering system

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