GDSN 101: Myths and Realities of Global Data Synchronization – Part 2

August 28, 2019

GDSN 101: Myths and Realities of Global Data Synchronization – Part 2

The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) enables trading partners to globally share trusted product content. The network connects suppliers with retailers, operators, providers, distributors and other product content recipients to the GS1 Global Registry® via selected data pools.

The 1WorldSync GS1 GDSN-certified data pool is the industry-leading solution for implementing data synchronization and supporting user needs over time.

As early innovators within the GDSN, we have paved the way for the successful synchronization of standardized product content in markets all over the world. We’re continuing to clear the confusion around the GDSN today. 

  • “All GDSN Data Pool Should Interoperate” GDSN data pools do interoperate. At 1WorldSync, we’ve not experienced any issues with interoperability within the network.

Some vendors don’t grasp today’s landscape accurately. They claim that brands face added costs to subscribe to multiple data pools to meet multiple retail needs, and that isn’t the case. 

The real problem is proprietary eCommerce solutions. If these solutions had encouraged their eCommerce sites to adopt GDSN we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place!

  • “All data pools should support the whole Global Data Dictionary.” Data pools support the attributes needed by their community. 

At 1WorldSync, we have and continue to support the Global Data Dictionary and adopt needed attributes driven by our community. For example, a hardline community requires different attributes then healthcare. Data pools support the attributes needed by their community.

Fortunately,  the 1WorldSync community spans multiple industries including CPG/Retail, Foodservice, Healthcare, and Hardlines.

We’re excited to see new vendors in the space that are just now realizing the value of the GDSN, which has been a cornerstone of our solution since our inception. 

  • “Every data pool should make the requirements for every endpoint available and transparent.” 1WorldSync believes in full transparency , which is why we make our customer’s attribute requirements and implementation process visible online, to everyone PUBLICLY

We further communicate any validation exceptions from data submitted by other data pools electronically.* We look forward to new vendors in the space making their customers’ requirements equally visible. 

Globally Exchange Product Content in the GDSN

We hope this clears up some confusion around the GDSN! 1WorldSync is responsible for over 60 percent of data activity on the network and has the largest number of items in the GDSN supporting more than 13,000 brands and retailers in over 60 countries. 

We bring over 14 years of product content expertise with a strong establishment in the GDSN and are committed to bringing you excellence in data quality and content management.

We are dedicated to implementing best practices for GS1 standards and offer global scalability, multilingual product, and customer support services. Download our whitepaper to learn more!