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Hetero Leverages 1WorldSync and GS1 “for the Greater Good of the Patient Community”

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The Global Pharmaceutical Leader Improved Supply Chain Efficiency and Visibility as Part of the GHSC-PSM Project and is Now Encouraging Other Healthcare Organizations to Follow Suit

For multinational pharmaceutical company Hetero Labs Ltd, supply chain operations are a critical component of achieving its mission to make affordable medicines accessible to patients worldwide. 

Given the steep challenges healthcare supply chains face in the areas of product traceability and data consistency, Hetero sought an efficient solution. 

Hetero turned to 1WorldSync, the world’s largest GDSN data pool and leading global product content platform, to allow it to provide data to a major customer, the USAID Global Health Supply Chain – Procurement and Supply Management (GHSC-PSM) project. Through its participation, Hetero joined hundreds of other suppliers in this vital initiative and is now encouraging other healthcare organizations follow suit.

“We all should make efforts to implement GS1 & GDSN as early as possible, as it is ultimately for the greater good of the patient community.”

– Tarang Verma, international marketing manager, Hetero Labs Ltd.

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Interested healthcare suppliers can learn how to get involved with 1WorldSync and the GHSC-PSM project by visiting here.

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