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Seaboard Foods Drives Industry Change Through Product Content Accuracy

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Powered by 1WorldSync, Seaboard Foods accelerated its content readiness for supply chain and e-commerce for 1,000 products by 6 months with Image Capture and reduced its product data loading process to a single day

All industries have an invaluable amount to gain from consistent, accurate and trusted product content. And while each industry’s product lifecycle and supply chains differ slightly, one consistent factor holds true for all—the product data management output of the shared data exchange for global commerce is critical for accuracy, reliability and consistency.

As the person who manages their organization’s product data according to GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network (GS1 GDSN) standards, Leah Saragusa, Labeling Compliance & Digital Content Manager of Seaboard Foods, is well aware of how important accuracy around product attributes are to the consumer experience.

Seaboard Foods looks to improve the experience for the consumer standing in a store or the grocery store buyer navigating e-commerce to address which products will look best on their physical or digital shelves. There’s an opportunity to do a lot more with standardized data across all industries to provide more information than what is currently being done today.

Leah Saragusa, Labeling Compliance & Digital Content Manager of Seaboard Foods

As the company extended data synchronization to embrace the industry changes and demands of retail and global commerce, it worked to better optimize its product content processes, reduce manual, time-consuming data capture workflows, and meet changing retailer data requirements.

By working with Saragusa hand in hand, 1WorldSync was able to customize a data importing and validation process for Seaboard that reduced 1WorldSync’s data loading processes from 2-3 days down to 1 day, helping to accelerate data review readiness for Seaboard Foods and accelerate
product information publication and syndication to its retailer trading partners.

Download the case study to read Seaboard Foods full story.