Innovative Strategies for E-Commerce to Maximize ROI

June 13, 2023

Innovative Strategies for E-Commerce to Maximize ROI

Your return on investment (ROI) indicates the efficacy and efficiency of your overarching business strategy. By maximizing your ROI, you increase profits while decreasing the resources – time, finances, and energy – required to maintain growth and revenue: a goal for every e-commerce organization. 


Read on as we explore innovative strategies for e-commerce businesses to maximize ROI. 



Understanding E-Commerce ROI


The ROI of an e-commerce business measures the return on investment of each marketing channel. Simply put, your ROI compares the amount you spent on an initiative to the amount you earned. Understanding your ROI helps you determine which efforts yield the profits you’re working toward and which strategies consume resources without significant results. 


As you build and evolve your e-commerce business, you’ll want to evaluate your ROI for various channels and tools regularly. A low ROI signals that you’re wasting funds on projects that are not serving your marketing efforts. 


Measuring and tracking your ROI allows you to 


  • Identify your top marketing campaigns
  • Determine which campaigns you should cut 
  • Test new channels and initiatives 
  • Sustainably grow your e-commerce business  


In addition to signaling increased profits, a high ROI indicates that you’re enjoying success on the digital shelf. The higher your ROI, the more effective your online marketing. 


ROI is a critical metric that helps you make data-driven decisions that boost the efficacy of your marketing and increase your profits. 



How to Maximize ROI for Your E-Commerce Business 


We’ve outlined the essential nature of a positive ROI for your e-commerce business. But in today’s competitive e-commerce landscape, being in the green isn’t enough. E-commerce businesses must find ways to maximize their ROI to rise to the top of the market. 


Below we explore innovative methods to secure and sustain the highest ROI possible for your e-commerce business. 


1. Create Consistency 


E-commerce is omnichannel; shoppers engage with your products and brand across various touchpoints. As they do, you must create consistency in your product content and data. 


1WorldSync’s Product Content Benchmark Report shows that 81% of consumers expect a brand’s product content experience to be similar everywhere they interact with that brand. The same research found that consumers research at least four products across multiple sites, with 28% visiting at least four sites. 


Today’s shopper is committed to thorough product research before purchasing. Consistency in your product data is essential to ensure consumers receive accurate, up-to-date information wherever they shop for your products. Housing product data within a central source of truth empowers you to maintain quality, consistent product data across all sales channels, increasing your engagement, sales and revenue. 


Consistency builds trust, solidifies confidence in your brand and products, and facilitates customer loyalty that results in a higher customer lifetime value and, as a result, more significant ROI. 


2. Provide Ample Product Imagery 


E-commerce shoppers rely on product imagery and video to inform their opinions regarding specific products and brands. They count on brands to provide ample visual content to confidently evaluate products before purchase: 58 percent of shoppers are more likely to buy a product if the product detail page (PDP) boasts ample, high-quality imagery. 


AR-qualified media, product hot spots, 360-degree imagery, instructional video, and other rich content give consumers a complete picture of your product and drives them to a confident purchase. 


3. Showcase Customer Reviews 


Product ratings and reviews are among the most influential factors affecting purchase decisions. Moreso than price and shipping speed, customer reviews compel users to buy or shop elsewhere for a similar item. 


Including customer reviews on your PDPs gives shoppers the information they want. But simply including reviews isn’t enough. Over half of the customers who leave a review expect a response within a week. 


Showcasing customer reviews and implementing a robust review monitoring strategy will increase your sales, bolstering your ROI. 


4. Track Consumer Behavior 


Understanding how shoppers find, engage with, and navigate your site is critical to maximizing ROI. Tracking customer behavior gives you data-based insights that help you know what they do on your site and how they interact with it. 


Through analytic software, you can learn your customer base, discover points of interest on your site, and determine the most effective paths to purchase. With this data, you can craft your site to serve consumers better and streamline the shopping and purchase process. 


5. Create Content Shoppers Want and Need 


Content is central to your e-commerce success. When consumers shop online, the content is the product. 


Content creation requires significant time and financial resources. Prioritizing quality and relevancy ensures you spend resources on the content your audiences want and need. Delivering helpful, informative, engaging and relevant product content increases the probability of securing the sale and maximizing your ROI.


6. Apply Personalization and Product Recommendations 


Optimizing content for personalization helps you target buyers and put attractive products before audiences primed to buy. McKinsey notes that 71% of consumers expect personalized experiences, and fast-growing companies derive 40% of their revenue from personalization. 


Presenting consumers with relevant product suggestions improves the customer experience while enhancing their purchase –– and increasing cart value. Tracking the pages users visit, the products they view, and how often they buy certain types of products help you provide personalized experiences and suggestions that entice a purchase. Personalization is essential in today’s e-commerce space to earn consumer dollars and maximize ROI. 


7. Address Cart Abandonment 


Cart abandonment poses significant challenges for e-commerce brands. As of March 2023, 73% of all online shopping carts fail to make it to the checkout stage. That means businesses spend resources attracting, engaging and selling to shoppers without ever seeing payment for that initial investment. 


Studying cart abandonment helps you understand where customers lose interest or commitment to purchasing your products. Social influences, lack of inventory, pricing and time pressure can affect cart abandonment rates.


By proactively addressing the factors contributing to cart abandonment, you can decrease the volume of shoppers who leave your site and their carts mid-purchase. Analyzing drop-off points and evaluating the simplicity of your checkout process can help you determine what’s causing abandonment and how you can make changes to improve your conversion rates.  


8. Conduct A/B Testing 


To know customer preferences that drive sales, go to the source: the consumer. Running A/B testing on your e-commerce store helps you understand the page and site variations that appeal to your shoppers.  


Small elements or factors shape a user’s experience with your site (and, therefore, your brand). Experimenting with the following helps you create PDPs that convert: 


  • Calls to action 
  • Images and video 
  • AR content 
  • Customer reviews 
  • Navigation options 
  • Checkout processes


Running testing on variations of the above provides data-based insights that guide the creation of product pages that best meet user needs, helping you maximize your ROI.  


Increasing E-Commerce ROI with 1WorldSync 


Your ROI is a signpost of your e-commerce business’s success. A positive ROI indicates that your efforts are effective, yielding the results you’ve been working toward. Winning the digital shelf necessitates implementing an intentional, data-driven marketing strategy that optimizes your online presence to bring in profits today and long term. 


1WorldSync has the content and data solutions to maximize your e-commerce ROI. We provide the tools you need to create and distribute product content everywhere you sell. Contact our team today to learn how our platform empowers you to win market share and secure your position on the global digital shelf.