Learn About 1WorldSync’s New Retail E-Commerce Analytics Platform

April 12, 2023

Learn About 1WorldSync’s New Retail E-Commerce Analytics Platform

1WorldSync recently expanded its suite of solutions with the acquisition of an innovative retail e-commerce analytics platform. The addition furthers 1WorldSync’s commitment to helping brands optimize their product content and grow sales across the omnichannel.

What is Retail E-Commerce Analytics?

Retail E-Commerce Analytics fills in critical reporting gaps for brands operating in big retailers such as Walmart. Large retailers can be a challenging space for brands of all sizes. With a retailer like Walmart, brands aren’t dealing with just one store, they’re dealing with thousands and each store has a unique website. Unlike the binary that exists with a site like Amazon, where your product is either in stock or not, Walmart and similar retailers have varied stock across locations and websites. This makes tracking stock levels much less manageable. Retail E-Commerce Analytics exists to address this issue.

Brands utilize the solution to gain more detailed insights into how their content is performing and even more importantly, what to do about it. With this new solution, 1WorldSync  gives brands their “next best action” across key areas like online pick-up and delivery (OPD) analytics, item listing audits, search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword results and more. 

Product Detail Page (PDP) Content Scores

1WorldSync Retail E-Commerce Analytics allows you to view and manipulate actionable metrics, manage an easy-to-view dashboard and keep tabs on keywords and ranking insights for retail e-commerce sites like Walmart.com. You don’t have to wonder how your content is performing. This platform will keep you informed and suggest the next steps to grow sales.

E-Commerce Item Intelligence

It’s clear that shopping continues to shift into the omnichannel, with consumers increasingly using online search capabilities throughout their shopping journey. Shoppers rarely head out to a store for a specific item with no indication that the item is stocked at that location. If a shopper sees online that the item they’re seeking isn’t stocked at that location, they’ll skip the trip. However, it’s not uncommon for a retailer’s product pages to show inaccurate stock levels. 

Our e-commerce analytics solution alerts brands when their product stock is inaccurate and at which locations, ensuring that the inaccuracy is rectified and no money is left on the table. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When it comes to SEO and keyword results, the platform compares brand listings to the best-performing listings on retailer sites. It then suggests keyword replacements in brand product copy to make sure the products are showing up at the top of search results. The solution also recommends best practices for product titles and other SEO factors. 

Competitive Advantage

With Retail E-Commerce Analytics, you no longer have to estimate, guess, or spend hours upon hours getting an approximate calculation of how you’re performing against your competitors. Get all the same reports and insights for your competitors’ items that you receive for your business. This competitive analysis allows you to stay on top of the competition. 

Get Started

Brands allocate an immense amount of time and resources to creating, managing and distributing their product content. But without a precise understanding of content performance, it’s all too easy to leave growth and sales on the table. Retail E-Commerce Analytics offer a solution to content management and a clear path to increase the bottom line.

“This technology, applied to our expansive customer base of over 14,000 brands and retailers, creates substantial opportunities to deliver greater value to customers,” said Steve Sivitter, CEO of 1WorldSync. “The data-driven insights from the Retail E-Commerce Analytics empower educated decisions that grow sales, making it a true competitive advantage for our brand customers.” 

To learn more about 1WorldSync’s omnichannel product content solutions and Retail E-Commerce Analytics, reach out to the team today.