Introducing the 1WorldSync Content Readiness Solution

October 10, 2019

Introducing the 1WorldSync Content Readiness Solution

In today’s digital world, consumers demand more information about the products they buy. Product content that is inconsistent, incomplete and inaccurate prohibits retailers from delivering omni-channel experiences. 

The reality is thousands of products are added to websites and digital catalogs every week with missing or incorrect product content which hurts the brand reputation and leads to dissatisfied customers and drops in revenue. 

But don’t fret, 1WorldSync has solutions to facilitate the timely exchange of product content between retailers and their supplier community.  Let us help you improve sales by ensuring products are supported with accurate and complete product content. 

Our Content Readiness Solutions improve consumer loyalty and engagement by enabling a consistent, seamless online and in-store product experience for your shoppers. These solutions shorten the compliance cycle time of receiving product content from your supplier community and reduce the time needed to put more products on the shelf.  Have peace of mind that the products you put on the market have product content that is complete and consistent throughout your supply chain.

  • Help your suppliers stay compliant with new requirements by exposing their content gaps through recipient-specific validations that ensure suppliers are providing all of the necessary product content that meets your expectations. 
  • Shorten the compliance cycle and reduce the turnaround time of receiving content from suppliers by informing them what items and content is required. 
  • Improve relationship with brands by enabling them to stay up-to-date and compliant with the ever changing product content demands.
  • Ensure that you have the content you need to sell with a visual dashboard to help you monitor your supplier community’s progress and readiness directly within the 1WorldSync platform.


Improve Sales Performance With Accurate and Complete Product Content

1WorldSync works closely with retailers and their supplier community to expose content gaps and ensure suppliers provide the necessary product content that you demand. Retailers can take advantage of the Content Readiness Dashboard which enables their suppliers to monitor, stay up-to-date and compliant with requests from their recipients. The interactive dashboard provides suppliers with an overview of which items their recipients have requested and which items the supplier has or has not yet published to that recipient. 

The dashboard is directly integrated with the 1WorldSync validation engine which provides key metrics that enable suppliers to track how “ready-to-share” and compliant their items are based on a recipient’s specific requirements. Recipients can work with 1WorldSync to integrate their own custom recipient-specific validation rules and requirements into the dashboard.  

Products with strong attribution significantly outsell products with missing and inaccurate product content! Don’t miss out! Learn more about what 1WorldSync can do for you. Sign up for our upcoming webinar to learn more!