Introducing the New & Improved Item Management (IM) User Interface

May 9, 2019

Introducing the New & Improved Item Management (IM) User Interface

It has been nearly a year since we first launched our new user interface for Item Management (IM). Overall, we have received great feedback from our global customer base which has helped us identify areas for improvement. This will help us continue to enhance your experience and enable you to manage and deliver all your product content seamlessly.

Starting on May 11, 2019, all users will be defaulted to the Enhanced UI when they login. Enhanced is a more modern, faster, and dynamic user interface meant to improve a customer’s user experience. It simplifies the input of product content and enables the easy creation of complete, accurate product content.

1WorldSync ‘Playlists’ provide validations and real-time feedback via warnings and error messages directly on the page allowing users to quickly identify content gaps to ensure they are delivering more complete and accurate product content to their recipients.

Additionally, the Enhanced UI streamlines functions such as item search and publication leveraging the most commonly used functions and attributes.

Join us for upcoming training sessions where customers will see how easy it is to add, link and publish item data, as well as manage ongoing changes or potential errors using the Item Management (IM) Worklist and Reports. Login to Item Management today to explore and start taking advantage of all the new features and capabilities the Enhanced UI has to offer!


Please note that any features or attributes not yet in the Enhanced UI can still be found in the Classic UI. If you need to use the Classic UI, you can quickly access it by using the toggle button located in the upper left corner of the display.  

1WorldSync is committed to ensuring that every user has a great experience using IM!