Retail E-Commerce Analytics: The Key to Data-Driven Performance

March 14, 2024

Retail E-Commerce Analytics: The Key to Data-Driven Performance

In the dynamic world of online retail, staying ahead requires not just insight, but actionable intelligence. With 1WorldSync’s Retail E-Commerce Analytics (REA) tool, brands can now quickly identify their next best actions to drive e-commerce sales growth with major retailers like Target and Walmart.


Unlock Sales Growth with Premier Analytics


With Retail E-Commerce Analytics, 1WorldSync helps brands unlock sales growth through key areas such as keywords and ranking, store-level item and in-stock compliance, and store-level competitive intelligence. Additionally, REA allows brands to perform audits and identify content discrepancies with Content Match.


Focus on What Matters Most


REA empowers brands to:

    • Reveal Comprehensive Marketplace Insights: Gain a complete overview of item listings across every store.
    • Measure Search Performance: Track performance week to week against online price changes, page positioning and more.
    • Inform and Enhance Your Marketplace Keyword Strategies: Understand the dynamics of organic and sponsored search with a gained or lost view.
    • Uncover Competitive Context: Access dashboards and shareable reports, such as weight share of search.



Empower Your Product Detail Pages with Predictive E-Commerce Analytics


1WorldSync’s predictive E-Commerce Analytics solution offers transparent reporting and tools to increase your e-commerce sales and brand presence. Enjoy on-demand reporting that helps you understand three key areas of sales intelligence:

    • Item Intelligence: Gain valuable insights and reporting of your items online, allowing you to simplify your workload and prioritize your next best actions.
    • Keywords & Rankings: Track active PDP visibility, price change tracking, out-of-stock status and store-level online item details.
    • Competitive Intelligence: Access all the same reports and insights for you and your competitors’ items.



Metrics That Move You Forward


Monitor your tactics and performance through weekly comparative summaries. Share these reports with your key stakeholders to review:

  • Weight share of search of your items and brand.
  • How your keywords have performed week over week.
  • Where your items land in top 10 and page 1 rankings for product categories.
  • And more!



Access Your Competitor’s Insights


Your path to complete competitive advantage is now open with E-Commerce Category Intelligence. Enjoy all the same reports and insights for you and your competitors’ items! Stop guessing and start winning with Retail E-Commerce Analytics.

Unlock the full potential of your e-commerce strategy with 1WorldSync’s Retail E-Commerce Analytics. Contact us today to get started on your path to data-driven success in the online marketplace.