Make Your Product Content E-Commerce Ready

November 6, 2018

Make Your Product Content E-Commerce Ready

The consumer is changing again, and retail is now about much more than just online shopping. Technology like connected home devices, virtual reality, streaming television services, voice ordering, augmented reality, and drones have made digital shopping easier and more integrated into everyday life.

Technology Talks: The Future Of Product Content

Of the consumers who own a voice controlled device, 64 percent use it at least once a week. Many homes are inhabited by voice assistants and automated bots such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.

75 percent of online shoppers are more likely to switch to a brand that provides more in-depth product content beyond what’s provided on the physical label.

As a brand in today’s e-commerce-driven world, how do you build trust into technology, efficiently providing consumers with rich, robust product content – anytime they want?

Optimized Product Content = Conversion + Brand Loyalty

In today’s digital age, trusted product content powers every step of the consumer’s path to purchase and is at the root of every shopper’s journey from discovery to delight. Competing with trusted product content that your customers can rely on in the face of an ever evolving e-commerce landscape is critical.

Compelling product content sells your products both online and in-store, creates an unparalleled customer experience, and guarantees brand loyalty.

Why is Sharing Trusted Product Content Onto Digital Channels So Difficult?

Ok, you get it. You must share robust, accurate and complete product content onto all digital channels to increase conversion and brand loyalty. However, the struggle is real….

Keeping your product content up-to-date can seem virtually impossible as the product content can be found throughout the organization and keeping up with ingredient changes to packing update can seem impossible. Further, brands are expected to deliver product content to each of the channels they sell through.

Learn how one marketer powered the digital path to purchase today and took control of their product content management strategy.