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Multiple Views of a Product Drive Consumer Engagement and Conversions

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These days, digital storefronts must have clear and up-to-date product images in order to drive sales across multiple channels.

1WorldSync is the leading provider of product content solutions.  We can now enable a full suite of Image and Data Capture services.

Take Your Product Content For a Spin

These services provide customers of any size and industry an added advantage with high-quality, web-ready images, enabling a 360° view of the product, as well as important eCommerce attributes captured from the product label.

“Retailers and brands are quickly realizing that high-quality product imagery is the quickest path to customer engagement and conversion online,” said Jeff Hunt, CEO of Snap36. “This trend is only going to increase, especially as more CPG and Grocery companies are adding e-commerce in the wake of retail giants Amazon and Walmart. By partnering with 1WorldSync, we will be able to more easily optimize content for these companies and help them deliver positive results.”

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