Pre-Shopping Research: The Key to Consumer Trust and Decision-Making

February 27, 2024

Pre-Shopping Research: The Key to Consumer Trust and Decision-Making

Navigating the pre-shopping journey is crucial in today’s digital marketplace. 1WorldSync’s 2023 Consumer Product Content Benchmark Report provides revealing insights into how pre-shopping research shapes consumer trust and influences purchasing decisions. This blog will delve into the pivotal role of pre-purchase research in the consumer’s journey, as highlighted in the report.


The Importance of Pre-Shopping Research in Building Trust


Unpacking Consumer Research Trends


Before making substantial purchases, consumers increasingly engage in detailed online research. The report shows that a significant 96% of consumers review multiple products, indicating the central role of pre-shopping research in the decision-making process.


Key Findings:

  • 45% of shoppers evaluate 2-3 products.
  • 35% review 4-5 products.
  • Less than 6% research over 10 products.


How Consumers Search

On average, shoppers conduct product research 61% of the time before each trip – up from 49% in last year’s report. Shoppers approach research in different ways from search engines to specific sites.


Key Findings:

  • 44% use search engines to find products and choose a retailer location 
  • 26% seek out professional reviews or independent consumer reports from third-party publications
  • 16% search on a product or brand’s website
  • 14% search on a retailer’s e-commerce site


Variety of Sources for Informed Decisions


Diverse sources are key in pre-shopping research, with 89% of shoppers visiting multiple websites to gather information, underscoring the necessity for widespread and consistent product information.


Key Findings:

  • 69% of consumers use 2-3 different websites for research.
  • 17% consult 4-5 websites.


Determinants of Online Purchasing Post-Research


Factors Influencing Purchase Decisions


The report ranks various factors that influence consumer decisions post-research. Price and the quality of product information emerge as top determinants, surpassing brand loyalty and customer reviews.

  1. Price
  2. Quality of Product Information 
  3. Brand Familiarity 
  4. Customer Reviews 


The Youth Perspective


For shoppers under 35, customer reviews rank higher than brand familiarity, signaling a shift in how younger consumers evaluate products during their pre-shopping research.


Prioritizing Product Content in the Pre-Shopping Phase


Evolving Consumer Preferences


A striking 82% of online shoppers value product content over brand name in their pre-shopping phase, highlighting the increasing importance of detailed product information.


The Necessity of Consistent Content


The overwhelming majority of consumers (86%) expect consistent product content across all platforms, emphasizing the need for uniformity in digital content during the pre-shopping phase.


The Consequences of Inadequate Content


Poor or insufficient product content leads 73% of consumers to abandon potential purchases, illustrating the critical role of content quality in pre-shopping research.


The Influence of Multimedia Content in Pre-Shopping


The Power of Rich Content


The report finds that 48% of consumers can be swayed by multimedia content to make unexpected purchases, especially among those under 35.


Age as a Factor


The impact of rich product content varies with age, with 61% of younger consumers being more influenced compared to 43% of older consumers.




The 1WorldSync 2023 Consumer Product Content Benchmark Report sheds light on the critical role of pre-shopping research in the modern consumer journey. Understanding these insights is essential for brands aiming to establish trust and influence consumer decisions in the digital era.

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