Schnucks Takes Steps to Get Products to Their Stores Faster

July 30, 2020

Schnucks Takes Steps to Get Products to Their Stores Faster

In this unprecedented time, grocery stores have seen a sharp growth in their sales. This has created a greater need for managing the customer demand, including product information in an efficient and secure way.
Accurate and complete product information has become imperative to support all sales channels. Schnuck Markets, Inc. (Schnucks) is taking steps to ensure they keep up with the increased demand of robust product information from their customers.

By leveraging the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) to receive all product data moving forward, complexities and inefficiencies of manual processes will be eliminated. Key product attributes, spanning both in-store and digital shelves, can be maintained in real-time resulting in more efficient inventory processing.

Schnucks Supplier Data Sync Initiative – What You Need to Know

Moving forward, Schnucks is asking all active trading partners to publish all product content via the GDSN. This will allow for cross-functional efficiencies, from supply chain logistics to images and marketing messages, enabling their teams to take your products from distribution to display in a timely manner. Schnucks consumers will also benefit from accessing the most current product data for their digital and omni-channel shopping carts.

What benefits will this provide to suppliers?

Sharing content via the GDSN provides accurate and complete product information in real-time.

Your syndicated item content will enable:

  • Greater exposure of your products
  • Expedited processing of your inventory to stores
  • Streamlined item set-up
  • Simplified item maintenance

These efficiencies have proven to lead to more effective logistics, and increased product sales.

What steps are required to participate?

Step 1: Join a certified data pool to share your item information electronically and maintain the information in real-time.

Step 2: Complete the Schnucks Trading Partner Form

Step 3: Review the attribute requirements per the Schnucks Implementation Guide

Step 4: Publish all items as directed to: Schnucks’ GLN  0041318001501


For questions regarding this request to participate in product content syndication, contact the Schnucks team at: 

For questions regarding GDSN assistance, or resources such as data load services or image capture, contact the 1WorldSync team at: