Shopper Persona: The Free Agent

April 6, 2023

Shopper Persona: The Free Agent

In a recent consumer product content survey, we asked 1650 respondents across the US and Canada to identify their “shopping persona” given a few options of how they shop. In this blog series, we explore the shopping habits of each persona. 

12.1% of respondents self-identified as “The Free Agent.” Read on to learn just what that means.

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The Free Agent – loves a compelling story and is open to trying brands who make a connection with their needs and interests; product imagery and videos typically more valuable than FAQs and spec sheets

While Free Agents identify as being open to various brands for a multitude of reasons, the data shows that this type of shopper is persuaded most by product cost.

77% of Free Agents reported being moderately or severely impacted by inflation. This has led to 59% purchasing fewer nonessential goods. While this is similar to the entire dataset, the outlier for Free Agents is what they consider a nonessential good. Most of the data respondents are cutting back on excessive clothing/accessory purchases while 52% of Free Agents are nixing electronics.

In the same theme of cost-conscious shopping, 58% of Free Agents admit to spending more time reviewing product content to ensure they’re getting the best value for their money. 66% of Free Agents search across 2-3 sites before making a significant purchase and 50% research 2-3 products.

The channels in which Free Agents shop varies from the larger dataset. While they are increasingly shopping online like the general public (78% have purchased something online in the past 12 months that they’ve previously only purchased in store), they rely on different avenues to make purchases. For example, Free Agents find e-commerce sites operated directly by brands/retailers to be the most trustworthy shopping option. 

In terms of digital shopping features, Free Agents can vary from the wider respondent pool. 40% of Free Agents have never used augmented reality (AR) while shopping. But, similarly to the rest of the surveyed, 60% of Free Agents have scanned a QR code while shopping in a store. Underlining their preference for a low-cost product, 46% of Free Agents search for price comparisons online while they shop in store.

When it comes to product bundling services, 47% of Free Agents have leveraged a tool to make a purchase. Of that group 81% were moderately or extremely satisfied, citing introduction to new brands as a key reason. Those that weren’t satisfied with a product bundling service blamed a lack of discount associated with the bundle.

A point that remains true across shopper personas, including Free Agents, is that the most helpful product content feature according to consumers is 360-degree spin product photography. 

To learn more about consumer shopping habits and discover the full dataset, download the 2022 Consumer Product Content Benchmark Report here.