Survey: Shopper Persona – The Deal Hunter

February 16, 2023

Survey: Shopper Persona – The Deal Hunter

In our recent Consumer Product Content Benchmark Report, we asked the 1,650 respondents to describe their shopper persona. In this blog, we will explore the shopping habits of the self-proclaimed “Deal Hunter.”

The Deal Hunter – price and value for money rule all; marketing, features and reviews don’t matter as much if I’ve found a truly good deal.

43% of deal hunters were significantly affected by inflation in 2022 while 45% were slightly or moderately affected. This resulted in 66% of this demographic decreasing their purchases of non-essential goods. The categories of non-essential goods getting axed most frequently are electronics (67%) and clothes/accessories (65%).

Deal hunters spend more time with product content to ensure they’re getting the best value for their money (76%).

63% of these cost-conscious consumers visit 2-3 sites and 44% consider 2-3 products before making a significant online purchase.

More than half of our surveyed deal hunters look up price comparisons on their phones while shopping in-store.

Despite their cost-focused approach, only 47% of the deal hunter respondents have made a return or received a refund in the past 18 months. 49% of these refunds/returns were for clothes/accessories and 55% of respondents said their returns/refunds were due to inaccurate, misleading or poor product content.

Deal hunters’ most valued product detail page feature is accurate product descriptions.

According to the data, it’s clear that deal hunters are researching products prior to purchase and that clear, consistent and accurate product information is crucial to convert them.

To access the full data set and learn more about product content, you can download the full report here: