Survey: How Do Product Bundling Recommendations Shape the Shopper Experience?

February 28, 2023

Survey: How Do Product Bundling Recommendations Shape the Shopper Experience?

1WorldSync’s recent Consumer Product Content Benchmark Report details findings from 1,650 consumers across Canada and the US. The data reveals trends in product content, the impact of inflation on shopping behavior, what drives conversions and more. In this blog, we break down the data on product bundling recommendations. For the full data set, download the report here: 

Product bundling recommendation features allow retailers to increase a customer’s average basket size by suggesting relevant products in addition to the products customers are viewing or already have in their carts. 

Despite their relevancy, less than half of online shoppers (47%) have ever used such features. Why? Most say it’s because they don’t like being presented with items they’re not actively shopping for (54%). According to the survey findings, the aversion may be countered by improving relevance and compatibility. 

1 in 5 shoppers say they’ll leave PDPs that serve irrelevant or inaccurate recommendations or product bundles. This means it’s crucial that the recommendations product bundling services provide are accurate and compatible with the right products. Serving incompatible recommendations can lead to not just missed opportunities for increased basket size, but according to the research, it can lose you the sale altogether.

When done well, recommendations can significantly improve the shopper experience. In fact, online shoppers who do use recommendation and bundling features are largely pleased, with 73% stating they’ve been moderately or very satisfied with the feature. 

Shoppers that find product recommendation and bundling tools helpful listed these reasons:

  • Helps find compatible accessories (57%)
  • Introduces me to new brands (54%)
  • Personalized recommendations (41%)
  • Finds products I don’t realize I need (25%)

To learn more about product content trends, download the full data report here.