How to Do Product Bundling Correctly and Increase AOV

April 4, 2023

How to Do Product Bundling Correctly and Increase AOV

Higher average order value (AOV) translates to greater profits with fewer resources spent to get you there. Part of any successful e-commerce strategy includes creating methods to build AOV. 

Optimizing product bundles is an effective method to increase AOV. When created and implemented correctly, your product bundles will help you sell more, improve the customer experience, and boost average cart size. 

Read on as we explore how to do product bundling correctly and increase AOV in the process. 

Why Do Product Bundling? 

Product bundles combine multiple products in a package for a reduced price. It showcases your products in tandem with others, highlighting product usage and how complementary items can enhance the consumer’s purchase. 

Product bundling is one tool of many within strategic PDP construction. Bundles present additional products to shoppers at the end of their retail journey when they’re primed to buy. Product bundles allow you to introduce new products shoppers may not have considered adding to and aiding their purchase.

Curating product bundles with complementary goods or items enhances the customer experience: they’re exposed to items that work with or supplement the original product they were shopping for. A strategic, intentional product bundle can deliver an exceptional customer experience that increases brand affinity and customer loyalty and keeps them returning for future product needs. 

The primary benefit of product bundling is increasing AOV.  Bundles allow you to put new products before consumers as they’re preparing to buy. They’re in the psychological space to make a purchase. And if you can present items that will enhance that purchase and benefit them in a specific way, they’re likely to add the bundle to their cart and increase your AOV. 

Product bundling is essential for brands competing in today’s e-commerce spaces. But all product bundles aren’t created equal. To achieve higher AOV through your product bundles, there are a few best practices brands need to be aware of. 

Top Product Bundling Tips 

You’ll enjoy myriad benefits when you do product bundling correctly, including increased AOV. Read on as we explore the top product bundling tips for digital commerce brands.

1. Bundle Related Products Together 

Bundles work best when you combine products that are historically purchased together, complement each other and are relevant to your target audience. Relevant bundling is critical: one in five shoppers says they’ll leave a PDP that serves irrelevant or inaccurate product bundles or recommendations. 

Brands must curate product bundles that make sense to consumers and incentivize them to buy. Product bundles are more expensive than buying individual items. Why would consumers want to buy your bundles instead of choosing stand-alone products? 

If the product pairings aren’t related or don’t make sense, a red flag goes up, and the customer is likely to shop elsewhere. 

2. Emphasize Consumer Savings 

Consumers feel significant strain on their wallets. With limited budgets and inflation rates affecting every purchase decision, shoppers look for savings wherever they can find them. When given the opportunity to save money on an item they plan to purchase, they’ll jump at the chance for a product bundle. 

Bundles appeal to consumers because they get multiple products at a lower price than if they purchased them individually. As you create and present bundles on your site and PDPs, emphasize the savings customers will enjoy when they choose bundles against individual product purchases. 

Communicate to shoppers the exact amount they’ll save with a product bundle. Concrete savings will attract and entice shoppers to buy, increasing your sales and AOV

3. Make Data-Driven Bundle Decisions

You must strategically build your product bundles to sell more and boost average cart values. When choosing items to sell together, take a data-driven approach. 

E-commerce brands have access to unlimited consumer and product sales data. Use that data to gain insight into what consumers are viewing, abandoning in their carts, and purchasing. Look for patterns in organic, consumer-driven product bundles. Which items do consumers typically buy together? That data provides a solid starting point for creating your product bundles. 

As with other digital commerce decision-making, you must rely on data to achieve desired results. Trusting your instincts won’t suffice when competing on the digital shelf. A data-driven approach helps you know your customers, create enticing product bundles and increase your AOV.  

4. Offer Bundles Early and Often 

Keep product bundles in front of shoppers. They need to know bundles are an option early on as they shop your products and browse your product pages. 

When customers arrive at your product page, it’s likely because they searched for your specific branded item or your product content has drawn them to your page. They’re researching products and are approaching the buying phase. Presenting them with product bundles early and often as they navigate your pages introduces them to new products to support and enhance their purchases. 

5. Upsell with Product Recommendations 

Bundling allows you to cross-sell to shoppers, increasing AOV. Using interactive media like hotspots on your product pages will enable you to promote multiple products simultaneously, helping customers visualize themselves using them. 

You can utilize product bundles to sell multiple products at once and upsell products to your shoppers. Bundles present consumers with options they didn’t know they wanted or needed. Capitalize on bundling to upgrade consumer purchases –– and AOV. 

6. Keep Bundles Simple 

Consumers are bombarded with ads, buying options, and product decisions at every turn. As shoppers arrive at your PDPs, you’re positioned to highlight consumer pain points, present your products as the best solution and streamline the purchase process. 

Shoppers want simple solutions that meet their needs. Keep your product bundles simple. Narrowing down options reduces consumer decision fatigue, making purchase choices easy. 

Customers don’t need or want to sift through product bundles with ten or more items. Streamline their purchase journey and their decision-making, and the choice to buy is simple. 

7. Provide Visual Content that Compels the Purchase 

Online shoppers rely on product visuals to evaluate the quality of your product and brand. When creating product bundles, provide quality visual content that compels consumers to purchase

Enhanced visuals like 360-degree product imagery, hotspots, how-to video and lifestyle imagery engage shoppers while educating them about your product. Written copy, while necessary for PDPs, is not sufficient to sell products within a bundle. Shoppers need, want, and now demand enhanced media to analyze and evaluate products before buying. 

Provide visual content that inspires confidence in your shoppers, fills in gaps left by written content, and ultimately brings consumers toward purchase. 

Bundle More and Sell More with 1WorldSync 

Product bundles are essential to your PDPs. Bundles help you sell more, expose consumers to your products, build brand affinity, and increase AOV. 

Building strategic, effective product bundles isn’t guesswork. You need the tools, data and systems to create product bundles and product pages that convert shoppers. 1WorldSync delivers the solutions your brand needs to win in today’s competitive e-commerce landscape. Reach out to our team today to learn how 1WorldSync can help you execute product bundling that increases AOV.