Why Disjointed Product Content Approaches Don’t Work

January 18, 2024

Why Disjointed Product Content Approaches Don’t Work

In every business system, cohesion allows you to achieve better results, regardless of your KPIs. This goes for product content approaches as well. A fragmented and disjointed approach to product content leaves room for inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and gaps in vital content pieces that negatively affect your position on the digital shelf. 

This post from 1WorldSync explores why disjointed product content approaches don’t work and how you can create a streamlined, cohesive process that enhances your efforts to yield the results you’re after.  


The Centrality of Product Content in Your Retail Success 


The digital shelf is constantly changing, and brands and retailers must fight to earn and maintain the most desirable position: the top. 

Product content is the crux of any successful digital retail strategy. The omnichannel space in which retailers operate requires consistent, flawless and exceptional product content. 

As lines between digital and traditional commerce channels continue to blur, product content remains critical to engaging consumers, informing and educating shoppers, earning their trust, and facilitating confident product purchases. 

Product content drives your sales. In many cases, your product content is the factor that brings shoppers to your store and compels them to view and then purchase your product. And on a competitive digital shelf, your content is the most critical factor determining purchase decisions. A recent survey of over 1,500 shoppers discovered that 84% value product content over brand recognition when shopping online. Your product content strategy must cover all the bases, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and quality at every touchpoint. 

As the digital shelf expands, a cohesive content approach helps you publish content that can attract, engage, and rank for search.  


The Cost of Disjointed Content Approaches 


Many moving parts must work cohesively to yield the content –– and revenue –– results you’re after. And the bigger your data set, the more challenging this becomes. Unfortunately, many organizations use disjointed systems that facilitate content errors and ultimately lose sales. 

Consider your data-heavy projects. You have hundreds or thousands of products, each with unique content, that must be published to the right retailer, meeting specific requirements. When you jump across various platforms, systems and processes, you’re increasing the likelihood that you’ll create detrimental gaps in your product content. 

At the same time, you’re increasing the time and energy required to execute your product content strategy. The more steps to your content strategy and workflow, the greater the likelihood of problems arising at every turn. 

Potential product content errors and inefficient use of employee time make the cost of fragmented content approaches something you want to avoid by any means necessary. Product content will either sell your product or send shoppers to your competition. You can’t afford errors, inconsistencies or generally low-quality content, which often results when managing product content within disjointed systems. 


Prioritizing Cohesion in Product Content Strategy 


Data-heavy projects require meticulous attention to detail to ensure all content and data requirements are met; content is consistent across all channels and partners; and the content provides the information shoppers want when deciding on product purchases. These projects are often negatively impacted by disjointed systems that reduce the quality and efficacy of your content. 

However, utilizing the right product content orchestration platform can reclaim time, financial resources, product consistency and quality. A cohesive content approach is the key to enhancing your online presence and selling more. Outsourcing your content to 1WorldSync allows you to move through content tasks faster, stress less, produce better content and keep your content updated.

Below are a few solutions 1WorldSync offers to create harmonious content processes that help you reach your retail goals. 


Content Creation


Send us your product, and we’ll take care of the rest. 1WorldSync offers various tools and services explicitly built to save time, maintain product content consistency and deliver superior content at lightning speed: 

  • NFP Generator: Need nutritionals populated quickly? Our Nutritional Fact Panel (NFP) Generator uses AI’s OCR (optical character recognition) and machine learning to instantly generate your NFPs, giving you a quick turnaround time to populate your product content straight from your packaging.
  • 360-Degree Photography: When evaluating and comparing products online, shoppers need a comprehensive view of your product. Spin imagery allows consumers to examine the item from every angle. 360-degree spin photography mimics in-store product evaluation, instilling confidence in shoppers and solidifying their product choices.
  • Writing Assistant: This AI tool helps you write SEO-driven, marketing product descriptions for your products, saving time and energy so you can focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Hero Image Creator: Need additional imagery for your image carousel? Our DAM (Digital Asset Management) tool now has an AI hero image generator that adds images and graphics to your product images to better highlight specific aspects of your product. 


2. Enhanced Content Optimization 


1WorldSync’s Item Management tools help you enhance content optimization at every step: 

  • Retail E-Commerce Analytics: Get price and keyword insights on your products and competitors. With Product Content Match, you can quickly identify content discrepancies between Item Management and your trading partners.
  • Product Bundling: Create relevant product bundles and recommendations that increase sales and AOVs. 

3. Streamlined Content Delivery


Once your content is perfect and ready to go live, we have the tools you need to ensure its streamlined delivery to your retail partners: 

  • E-Commerce and Supply Chain Syndication: 1WorldSync empowers 85% of the world’s foremost brands and retailers by providing them with up-to-date and comprehensive production information on a global and local scale. Your product content is instantly syndicated to the world’s largest trading partner pool, positioning you for success no matter where you sell.
  • Rich Content Syndication: With 89% of shoppers visiting multiple sites before making an online purchase, make your PDPs count with rich, engaging content.
  • Drag & Drop Content Builder: With a drag and drop builder, you can efficiently create and edit your below-the-fold pieces. Grab from a webpage, desktop or shared drive with ease.
  • Amazon Import: Have great A+ content on Amazon? Manage that content directly in 1WorldSync’s Rich Content Builder. You can view your product content in the Digital Catalog, Item Management, and PIM, and sync updates to Amazon and your other trading partners. 

4. Management of Owned and Earned Content 


Ratings and reviews management is critical to your overarching product content approach. Managing owned and earned content lets you give consumers the information they want and need when evaluating their purchase choices. 

Having recently added PowerReviews to our suite of content technology and solutions, 1WorldSync is the only provider that can help you orchestrate all content elements of your PDP. User-generated content, including ratings and reviews, Q&A, images, and videos, is a primary factor determining purchase decisions. PowerReviews empowers brands and retailers to capture the power of UGC through:

  • Generating better-quality customer product ratings and reviews 
  • Increasing the volume of quality ratings and reviews
  • Analyzing review data 
  • Benchmarking data to optimize UGC programs for conversion 
  • Employing collected data to improve product quality and customer experience 

Our tools help you maximize conversions by creating the optimal ratings and reviews management program for your business. 


Employ a Cohesive Product Content Approach with 1WorldSync


As the digital shelf becomes more competitive each day, there’s zero room for discrepancy in your product content. Streamline and simplify your product content approach with full-service solutions from 1WorldSync. 1WorldSync can handle your content needs, achieving consistency, quality, and cohesion while you reap the benefits of saved time, energy, and money. You don’t have a second to waste. Join the leading platform for product content orchestration today.