10 Scary Good Strategies We’ve Seen for Product Page Content

October 31, 2023

10 Scary Good Strategies We’ve Seen for Product Page Content

Spooky season is here, and it’s time to ensure your product content is ready.  Avoid the tricks and instead treat shoppers to the product page content they want and need with these scary good, sales-driving content strategies. 


Why Your Product Detail Page Content Matters 


Winning the digital shelf requires brands to execute exceptional product content strategies. It’s not enough to merely list your products. Your content is the determining factor in making a sale or losing out to a competitor. And in today’s retail climate, competition is intense. 

1WorldSync’s Product Content Benchmark Report found that seven out of ten shoppers will abandon their purchase if the product page content is lacking. But when you deliver content that goes above and beyond to solidify consumer confidence, you’ll secure customers for purchase today and far into the future. Whether you’re capitalizing on Halloween sales or want to establish a robust, scalable content solution for tomorrow, your product content will be at the center of all you do. 

When shoppers rely on content to inform their purchase decisions –– and brand loyalty –– you must take every step to create, distribute and maintain product page content that ticks every box for the shopper. 


10 Tips for Frighteningly Effective Product Detail Page Content 


Many factors contribute to a results-producing product detail page. Your content is the information about your product that customers want and need to know, including descriptions, specifications, features, images, pricing and more. Optimizing this content is the primary way to drive traffic, engagement, and sales. 

Read on to learn more about revenue-driving product page content strategies that are so good it’s scary.


1. Create Content Users Want to Consume


In an endless pool of online retailers, your content provides the perfect opportunity for you to differentiate yourself. Remember the essential element of effective product page content: users must want to engage with it. 

Every aspect of your product pages must center the customer and address these questions:

  • Is the copy clear and free of jargon? 
  • Does your imagery accurately represent the product? 
  • Have you included specs and unique product details? 
  • Are reviews easy to find? 
  • Are you employing rich product content that tells your product/brand story? 

Professionalism, accuracy, and originality: these components make spooky-good product content for all products in all seasons. Create content shoppers want to engage with and stand out from your competition as you navigate the digital shelf.   


2. Present Product Bundles that Make Sense  


If you’re managing your own e-commerce shop or marketplace, know that relevant product bundling allows you to solve problems your shoppers didn’t know they had. By pairing complementary products at a reduced cost, you introduce shoppers to items they’ll want at prices they wouldn’t dare pass up. 

Create relevant bundles that make sense to the shopper. Implementing interactive content like hot spot imagery shows consumers how your products can enhance their purchase –– and life. 

Bundles add value to the shopper’s experience and your sale. When you know how to do product bundling correctly, you’ll increase average order values, move more inventory, and create positive brand experiences that will benefit your business far beyond October 31st


3. Don’t Skimp on Quality Visuals 


Perception is reality. While this isn’t true at a costume party (thankfully!), this is true as you build your product page content strategy. Shoppers just your product according to your product imagery, including 360-degree images, lifestyle shots, and how-to videos. 

Including various types of high-quality images and videos on your product pages gives shoppers a realistic and informed understanding of the item when they can’t physically examine it for themselves.


4. Give Your Review Management Strategy the Attention it Deserves  


Product ratings and reviews are the most critical factor impacting online purchase decisions. As a result, social proof must have a place in your product page content strategy. 

Recent research from PowerReviews finds that 98% of shoppers say reviews are an essential resource when making purchase decisions. Creating and implementing a robust review management strategy ensures you receive optimal feedback that potential customers rely on when choosing your product over your competition’s.


5. Don’t Leave the Writing to Just Any AI Tool 


Strong on-page copy does more than inform; it convinces the reader to buy. If your product page copy is bad, shoppers will also believe your product is bad. 

Create copy that’s fun, relatable and readable. Many companies rely on generative AI to create product page copy. If you utilize generative AI tools for your product page copy, ensure it is able to access and understand the many attributes that make your product your product. Absent that, you’ll have a tough time generating great descriptions at scale. Once you engineer your prompts properly and ensure all descriptions are accurate, AI can be your friend, but it can’t completely replace the human touch.  


6. Write Product Descriptions for All Readers 


As you consider copy and how you want to present your products, keep all consumers in mind. Some individuals want to go on a journey as they read product descriptions. Others want to get to the nitty-gritty to decide if the item is right for them. 

Creating a long and short product description for your PDPs helps engage all shoppers who land there. The short description can be available as soon as a person navigates to your page, while the longer description can be opened with a click after users have established their initial impression of your brand or product. 

Both descriptions are helpful at various stages in the buyer’s journey and support your SEO efforts.


7. Proactively Answer Buyers’ Questions 


Doubt and uncertainty will kill your sales. Cultivate confidence among shoppers by answering their questions before they can ask them. 

Every product page should include an FAQ section where shoppers can find more pointed information about the item that might not be included in the product description. A well-thought-out FAQ section combined with thorough product copy and visuals puts consumers at ease and cultivates comfort with your brand. And comfy consumers turn into satisfied customers who’ll shop with you repeatedly.


8. Deliver Consistent Content Experiences  


At 1WorldSync, we believe if content is king, consistency is queen. Maintaining content consistency across your product pages –– and all channels where you sell –– matters; our research found that 81% of consumers want and expect a seamless content experience everywhere they interact with a brand and its products. 

That’s why we specialize in content consistency across all touchpoints. Your sales depend on it. 

Content consistency among and within your product pages communicates that you’re the real deal, and so are your products. Leave no room for doubt. Take every measure to ensure consistency so you can build trust and sell more.


9. Push Purchases with Time-Sensitive CTAs 


Urgency moves product. When shoppers think the clock is ticking down, the adrenaline kicks in, and they’re more likely to click “buy now.” Experiment with calls-to-action (CTAs) and add elements that create urgency to increase product page conversions

Use CTAs that reflect your brand. For example, if your brand is whimsical, snarky, serious or dry, maintain that voice in your CTAs while communicating that the time to purchase is running out. 

Additionally, where you place your CTAs is just as important as what you say. Place essential information near your CTAs on your product pages, including 

  • Pricing
  • Availability 
  • Shipping information 
  • Return policy 
  • Basic product information (color, size, etc.) 
  • Reviews

Use CTAs and verbiage that compels shoppers to buy sooner rather than later, and you’ll find that they will.


10. Ensure Instant Content Delivery to Retail Partners 


Your content won’t drive revenue if users can’t find it. Ensure your content arrives at its destination with the tools from 1WorldSync. 

Our ContentCast platform empowers brands to operate from a single source of truth, seamlessly delivering content in real-time to retailers across the globe. Ensure your content remains consistent, meets regulatory compliance where applicable (e.g., GS1 Standards), and syndicates to a massive pool of global retail partners, all with a single click. 


Do Product Page Content Right 


In digital retail, your product page content is your product in the consumer’s mind. When shoppers can’t hold a product in their hands, evaluating your content is the next best thing. That’s why getting your product page content right is a must, both at Halloween and into other seasons with fewer goblins and ghouls. 

When you partner with 1WorldSync to create, distribute, and manage your product content, you can access industry-leading tools and resources that help you optimize every aspect of your PDPs. Connect with us today to create relevant, consistent, accurate content that brings in more revenue for your organization.