Beyond the UPC: Drive Consumer Engagement & Conversions with 2D Barcode-Enabled Digital Content

June 21, 2023

Beyond the UPC: Drive Consumer Engagement & Conversions with 2D Barcode-Enabled Digital Content

The commerce standard is set to be updated with a sunrise in 2027 for the use of 2D barcodes on products. 2D barcodes will eventually replace the current UPC and EAN barcodes. While more than three years away, this shift will completely revolutionize the CPG industry and brands should prepare now. 


The Opportunity


9 in 10 consumers use their smartphones to research products while shopping in store and 51% have scanned a barcode or QR code on a product package to learn more. Consumers are already seeking product information from packaging and integrated barcode technology. Brands can capitalize on this behavior by implementing barcodes with more robust product information. 


What are 2D Barcodes? 


2D barcodes allow for more content than just the GTIN. They can provide lot/batch, serial number, dates, manufacturer/farm name/location and more. A digital link can also be included to deliver product content.


Embedded Rich Content in 2D Barcodes


1WorldSync’s digital content allows brands to incorporate a set of product content like nutritional information, below-the-fold content, marketing materials and more into the digital link contained in the 2D barcode. Brands can take advantage of the content which has been curated and provided in Item Management. The information available through 1WorldSync’s Digital Catalog can be shared in the digital link which customers can access seamlessly by scanning the 2D barcode on the product.

Brands have the ability to change all that information in real time, whether updating the wording in a listing or rolling out an entirely new recipe. Now with this revolutionary technology, brands can interact with their buyers through product barcodes along the buying journey – and beyond it. Consumers are encouraged to scan the barcodes which share a wealth of information about their products as well as include coupons, marketing content, recall information, etc. to be used prior to, during and after product purchase. Long after the purchase, the consumer can interact with the brand directly from their home just by scanning the barcode on the product.

“It’s about transparency and consumer experience. The relationship doesn’t end at purchase, there is an ongoing opportunity for information and connection,” said Scott Brown, 1WorldSync product content expert.


How it Works:


  1. Add product information links to your GS1 barcode
  2. Consumers scan the barcode to access product details and rich content, aiding in their purchase decision
  3. Content updates, such as recall information or other important news, are updated in real time – without changing the barcode link or your product package!

See how these new barcodes work for yourself by scanning below and exploring the product pages.



Learn more by watching this video from GS1 Connect featuring Scott Brown.