6 Reasons Why Your Sales & Marketing Teams Need Digital Catalog

July 8, 2021

6 Reasons Why Your Sales & Marketing Teams Need Digital Catalog

Are you constantly updating your sales materials to ensure your teams have the most up-to-date information? Challenged with missing and inaccurate product content or the lack of modern, digital sales materials to present your products to buyers, retailers or other trading partners the way they would appear for a customer?

Luckily, 1WorldSync’s new enhanced Digital Catalog modernizes your sales and marketing processes. By leveraging your existing product content within Item Management (a comprehensive, global SaaS platform for sustainably distributing product content worldwide), you can generate powerful sales enablement materials that are instantly updated when you make changes to your content.

This month, we take a deep dive into 6 reasons why your sales and marketing teams need Digital Catalog.

1. A single source of standardized truth

Digital Catalog is natively integrated within Item Management, which means there is no manual work to load and render your product information into the dynamic HTML product pages. With one flip of a switch, our team syncs all your items from Item Management to Digital Catalog, truly creating your own custom Digital Catalog in seconds.

2. Modernizing catalogs into a digital, fully customizable sales tool

Forget spending valuable time putting together one-off presentations, PDFs and sales sheets for meetings with buyers or trading partners. With Digital Catalog, you control and customize what items you want them to see on the fly. Customize your assortment by product, type (e.g. private label), brand, target market, or by retailer or specific buyer. You also are able to publish this assortment via a public or private, unique URL for easy sharing. Customize your product content view with various templates for food, healthcare, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and regulatory and compliance items to meet the needs of your trading partners.

3. You control how you want your product to best represent your brand

Provide a consistent, accurate omnichannel experience from end to end, regardless of whether your product content is visible to a consumer, buyer, retailer or trading partner. Not only does Digital Catalog show the exact e-commerce experience you want such stakeholders to have, it also guides you around the type of information that your trading partners and retailers require. From marketing messages to product features and benefits, image carousels of high-quality visuals, item ID, Nutritional Facts Panel (NFP) imagery and allergen/nutritional information for food products—Digital Catalog can help you check off all the attribute requirements you need to meet.

4. Simplify the decision-making process for your buyers

By leveraging the different configuration capabilities and shipping dimensions of your items in Digital Catalog, you can help your buyers and trading partners make faster decisions on the process to welcome you into their supplier network. Such available information also helps their supply chain processes related to shipping and ensures they understand product weights and dimensions accordingly for transport or shipping, or for the physical shelf.

5. Choose from a variety of sales material options within Digital Catalog

Have a customer or buyer who prefers to review data or materials in detail? Digital Catalog provides a variety of outputs to meet their review needs. This includes PDF outputs to showcase a one-to-one match of how your product detail page looks on paper exactly in the format as it appears in the Digital Catalog. Additional materials include condensed 1-page Sales Slicks which highlight key information that your buyer or trading partner needs to know, excel files and an image output that lets you download all images as well.

6. Give your trading partners direct access to your content

Satisfy both GDSN and non-GDSN buyer or retailer requirements by giving them direct access to your product content via Digital Catalog, when they need it and how they need it. Guide your retailers or buyers to a specific place in your Digital Catalog based on key points of discussion from your meetings; this can be accomplished via shareable public or private URLs directly from the platform. For example, show them what their product page could look like or send them a direct link for seamless collaboration.


With Digital Catalog, empower your sales and marketing professionals to drive the conversation with customers or trading partners with modern, digital product content displayed at their fingertips. Benefit from time savings and the ability to deliver greater efficiency on process workflows to accelerate your speed to market and get your products more quickly onto digital and physical shelves.