GS1 Connect Presentation: How Innovating With Imagery Differentiates Your Brand

June 19, 2019


GS1 Connect Presentation: How Innovating With Imagery Differentiates Your Brand


GS1 is a global organization that develops and maintains the most widely used supply chain standards system in the world. GS1 Standards improve efficiency, safety, and visibility of supply chains across multiple sectors including grocery, retail, and medical. With that being said, consumers shopping online have created an increasing demand for high-quality product images. According to the Food Marketing Institute, 75% of online shoppers will switch to a brand that provides more in-depth product information.

Adapted from a past 1WorldSync GS1 Connect presentation, here are three tips for kickstarting your GS1-compliant imagery program.

1. Build A Trustworthy, Authentic User Experience That Gives You A Competitive Advantage

We’ve got a mindset that photography is supposed to be flat. But what if photography was just invented yesterday – would you expect products online to be flat? Picking up products on a shelf should be no different than what you can do online. And if you think of online differently, you’re in the dark ages.

360-degree imagery gives online shoppers the freedom to interact with products as if they were making a purchase in person and generates confidence that they are purchasing the right product.

2. Create a GS1 Compliant Digital Asset Library with 360 degree Images

You shouldn’t have to touch a product more than once to gather as much data as possible at one time. Not only am I talking about capturing static and spin images but also product data such as weights and dimensions. 1WorldSync is your one-stop shop for all desired and required assets. Products are photographed once, and then you can leverage all of the assets and data that come with a spin set anywhere you need to at no additional cost. You own the GS1 compliant images for all of your marketing, e­‐commerce, catalog, and planogram requirements.

3. Future Proof Your Business

There is an insatiable need for product content throughout companies to fuel different types of customer-facing experiences. Obviously, ecommerce and the “digital shelf” are a top priority, but images are also required to power visual search, mobile sites, and AR/VR applications. We have designed an accessible and affordable 360-degree image capture process to maximize your investment and prepare you for the future.