Heritage Parts Uses 360° Product Photography to Help Customers Make Critical Repairs Quickly and Efficiently

August 4, 2018

Heritage Parts Uses 360° Product Photography to Help Customers Make Critical Repairs Quickly and Efficiently

As a critical business partner for foodservice equipment companies, Heritage Parts must deliver the right part at the right time to the right place. That’s why the distributor is using 1WorldSync’s solution for 360-degree product photography and studio equipment to help its customers confidently order critical parts online.

Heritage Parts provides a steady stream of replacement parts for more than 800 manufacturers in the U.S., each of which makes everything from cooking equipment to refrigeration units to utensil cleaners. As technology has advanced, so has the complexity and sophistication of this equipment.

“The worst possible thing that could happen is for a technician to be standing in a commercial kitchen,” said Bryan LiBrandi, senior vice president of strategic marketing & eCommerce, “with the chef and the restaurant manager looking at him as he opens up the box and finds the wrong part.”

To make sure that never happens, Heritage Parts streamlined its operational workflow to support high-volume product photography while also automating high-quality, 360-degree imagery to provide customers with more product views and visual information.

“We looked at numerous solutions,” says LiBrandi, “but it was very clear to us that 1WorldSync was head-and-shoulders above the other options.”

Once an initial 60,000+ parts were shot and uploaded, Heritage Parts integrated 1WorldSync’s’s 360-degree photography equipment into its regular workflow, thus eliminating the need for manual inefficiencies. Its customers can now view a product from every possible angle and zoom in on the details that matter.

Shooting in 360-degree has also helped Heritage boost its search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and rise above the clutter online. “If a customer or a prospect finds the desired part in stock on multiple sites, it’s up to them who they choose to buy from,” said LiBrandi. “By moving to 1WorldSync imagery, and by aligning our URLs with that imagery, we’ve really improved our site’s search functionality and our ability to help customers find us and/or that part that they’re looking for.”