New in the 1WorldSync Community Platform

November 7, 2023

New in the 1WorldSync Community Platform

Overview of Community Updates


The 1WorldSync Community platform is a one-stop resource center and peer-to-peer discussion forum, that connects brands with their retailer and distributor partners. It also empowers successful product content strategies via education, training and support from 1WorldSync experts. Customers can connect and expand their product content knowledge. 

As members of the Community have likely noticed, there have been a few significant updates to the platform over the last month. In addition to branding changes, the 1WorldSync team created landing pages that make it easier to view all the information across the Community clearly as well as a new way to create and manage support tickets. 

With these updates, the 1WorldSync Community is growing at record speed. The user community has expanded significantly with increased ease of use and new resources.

Check out an overview of the Community here and discover all the new features below.



Breakdown of New Community Features


Below is a list of new training options in the 1WorldSync Academy Space.

Item Management Training

Digital Catalog Training

Kroger Training

The Technology & Release Updates > Release Notes & Updates page has also been updated.  Members can subscribe to this area in the Community to see real-time updates when our systems encounter any issues. 

The JIRA integration project is now complete which provides users a way to create and manage tickets in the Community. This is a milestone in making the Community a true 24/7 support hub for 1WorldSync customers. Community members can now create, manage and respond to current tickets while having access to look at their historical tickets opened after the Community integration. The new ticketing system is user-friendly and aggregates related information to the ticket creator to streamline solutions. This integration provides users with another tool to ensure all support, training and communication needs are met in a one-stop location. 

Members can look at “Your Support Tickets” in the menu bar and check out this Blog Overview of how to use this easy tool to create and manage tickets.

Additionally, non-Legacy 1WS tools including Content Cast, Data Source, Partner Access, and the Retailer Programs have been added to the Community.  Any IM-based customers who use those tools can access updated content and training as well as open tickets for these tools in the Community. The product team is working to add access for users of these applications and once complete, the community will be their source for support content, training, etc. In the coming months, customers will see other applications added to the Community as well.


New to the 1WorldSync Community?


If you are new to the platform, simply log in at using your Item Management, Product Introduction, or User Management credentials to get started!