Guide to Creating a Powerful PDP

December 20, 2023

Guide to Creating a Powerful PDP

Your product detail pages (PDPs) bridge the gap between shoppers and purchases. A compelling PDP is the linchpin to increasing engagement, sales and revenue. 1WorldSync’s guide to creating a powerful PDP highlights the most impactful elements of your pages and how you can build a PDP that earns more conversions starting today. 


Building Trust: PDPs and the Consumer Experience


Trust leads to purchase. Regardless of the channel, brands and retailers must earn, build and secure consumer trust to earn their loyalty and make the sale. The seed of this trust is cultivated primarily through the PDP. 

Brands can build trust with new and existing customers via PDPs. Each component of these pages contributes to the ultimate goal: greater revenue through increasing sales. However, some features elicit more trust and confidence than others. 

Virtually all shoppers research product content online before going to brick-and-mortar stores. On average, shoppers conduct product research 61% of the time before each trip – up from 49% last year. And shoppers aren’t just looking for brand names. Eighty-four percent said they value product content over brand recognition when shopping online. Product detail pages are the ideal vessel to deliver this content directly to engaged shoppers. 

According to 1WorldSync’s 2023 Consumer Product Content Benchmark Report, consumers most value accurate product descriptions, high-quality imagery and ample customer reviews when evaluating product pages. 

Below, we’ll explore these three critical aspects of a powerful product page that build trust and drive your shoppers to convert. 


1. Product Descriptions that Convert 


PDPs house various types of content that educate shoppers and help them determine if a product will provide the solution they’re looking for. Product descriptions provide must-know information and details users look for when considering their purchases.

Product descriptions vary in length, detail and style, and should be written for your audience in your brand’s voice. It can be a sentence, a short paragraph or a bulleted list that educates and informs the reader. You can utilize your product description as a storytelling device, engaging readers and immersing them into your brand as they imagine how your product can enhance their lives. 

Excellent product descriptions do more than convey information; well-written, thorough and accurate product descriptions will also reduce your return rates. They set realistic consumer expectations, so there should be no surprises or disappointments when their product is delivered.  

In a recent survey, 1WorldSync found that 58% of consumers cite a lack of product descriptions or low-quality descriptions as the reason they leave a PDP. Successfully executing this element of your product page ensures you’re building trust and leading shoppers through the buyer’s journey toward a happy, confident purchase. 


2. Present Quality Imagery Across the PDP


Shoppers gauge your brand and product quality by what they see on your PDPs. Presenting high-quality visuals on your page ensures you’re making a positive impression and engaging shoppers as they evaluate your product.

As users land on a PDP, your images might be the most critical information point they interact with; many shoppers make a buying decision based solely on product imagery. Consumers expect to conduct research on an e-commerce product page and see compelling, informational and interactive product content that helps them make informed decisions about the product before they buy.

The result of not accurately representing your products in a digital environment? Damage to your brand and lost sales. Shoppers won’t buy an item that doesn’t include an image in the listing. In a Digital Commerce 360 survey of online shoppers, 45% experience ‘not enough images to see what the product looks like’ when shopping on retail websites. In addition to high-quality still images, providing a 360-degree spin experience on a product page has proven to give brands an edge in e-commerce, increasing online conversions by as much as 47%.

Quality image capture ensures your physical products are transformed into compelling visual assets, providing an in-store experience on your PDPs. 1WorldSync delivers a comprehensive set of best-quality product images to fuel your core above-the-fold content and the rich media to tell your brand story below the fold. Our process offers up to 72 multi-angle still photos in addition to 360-degree spins, GIFs, interactive hero images and more, and can be used in carousels, spin viewers, mobile heroes, hotspots and videos. 

Displaying accurate and compelling product imagery on product pages is essential to creating a positive touchpoint and robust product page. Provide ample product information in images, videos, hotspots, etc., to cultivate a positive experience for your online shoppers. You can fill out our contact form to learn more about implementing quality images and visuals into your product pages. 


3. Leveraging Social Proof to Secure Purchase 


Research reveals repeatedly that product ratings and reviews are the top factors influencing online purchase decisions. Consumer relationships to reviews vary, but most (67%) shoppers often or always read customer reviews before purchasing. 

Whether positive, negative, too few or more than enough, on-page reviews determine your sales. Below are a few stats exploring that correlation:

  • 1WorldSync’s 2023 consumer report found that 38% of shoppers will not buy a product with less than five customer reviews. Younger shoppers are much more likely to distrust a product based on a lack of validation from other consumers. 
  • 53% of consumers under the age of 35 will not buy a product with less than five customer reviews. 
  • Of the 4% of shoppers who rarely or never read reviews, 46% cite reviews as too polarized to reflect a product accurately. 

While only 2% of consumers will stop considering a product after one bad review, too much negativity in one sitting could derail a conversion: 

  • 43% of shoppers will not purchase a product after reading four to five negative reviews 
  • 30% won’t purchase an item after reading two to three negative reviews 
  • 25% of shoppers will still purchase a product after reading six or more negative reviews for the product 

The Sway of Negative Reviews 


Consumers are largely split on whether negative or positive reviews matter more: 46% say negative reviews impact their perception of a product more than positive reviews. Fifty-four percent either favor positive reviews or place equal emphasis on both positive and negative reviews. 


The Need for Verified, Trustworthy Reviews


Unfortunately for consumers, not all reviews are written by people who purchased the product:

  • 1 in 5 shoppers have written a review or left a rating on a product they have never purchased or owned
  • 12% left a positive review to support a friend’s business
  • 4% left a negative review to express opposition to the company 
  • 2% left a negative review because of a previous bad experience with the company 
  • 1% left a negative review to help a business competitor 
  • 1% left a satirical, comedic review 

Managing ratings and reviews on your PDPs is essential to creating conversion-driving e-commerce product pages. Part of that management strategy includes verifying reviews written by customers who have purchased the product under review. 

Maximize PDP conversions by creating your best ratings and reviews program. Tapping into authentic user-generated content allows you to build trust, instill confidence, drive growth and sell more. 


Creating Conversion-Driving PDPs with 1WorldSync


Consumers build trust with your brand and products by researching extensively online. When committing to purchase, shoppers want to ensure they get the best product at the best value, which means they compare multiple items from competing retailers and brands. Your product pages are the ticket to providing the information users want and need. Prioritizing product descriptions, quality imagery and robust review management on PDPs allows you to position yourself at the center of the user experience and engage with them when it matters most. 

From image creation to data aggregation to content syndication, 1WorldSync provides the tools, services and resources you need to build conversion-driving PDPs. Our solutions empower you to gain visibility on the digital shelf, increasing your engagement and conversions from day one. 

Contact our team today to learn more.