How to Convert More Buyers on

September 13, 2022

How to Convert More Buyers on

Brands selling on have the opportunity to engage the big box store’s massive audience. But those brands must go in with a definitive understanding of e-commerce retail, the Best Buy audience and how to convert those buyers on this unique platform. 

This article outlines how brands can convert more buyers on, increasing reach, sales and revenue. Read on to learn how. 

Best Buy and E-Commerce Growth 

Best Buy has seen significant growth in its online channels. The superstore is the fifth largest e-tailer in the U.S., with online sales up an estimated 136 percent in 2020. Even in a post-pandemic world, Best Buy’s e-commerce success continues. 

COVID-19 forever changed shopping behaviors. Online shopping, while once a necessity because of in-person store shutdowns, has now become the shopping channel of choice for many. The shift to online shopping is permanent, and is moving forward with strategic decisions to support its e-commerce business. 

For brands like yours, selling on can make or break your success. Understanding how to position yourself to win Best Buy’s digital shelf grants you access to millions of shoppers looking for the exact products you offer. 

Below we break down the keys to success for selling on Read on to learn how to take hold of the store’s massive audience starting today.  

Selling on Keys to Success 

Listing on can expose your brand to millions of shoppers, with the potential to exponentially increase your sales. Making the most of your presence on the e-commerce site requires intentionality, but the results can change the trajectory of your entire brand or business. 

We list the keys to success selling on below. 

1. Product Information 

To win on, you must ensure accurate and complete product information across all SKUs. Not only does this improve customer trust and their experience with your brand, but it enables site functionality, like comparison and compatibility features. 

Your product information includes essential data customers want as they shop and compare brands. This product information is critical to your success in selling on But to win your market, you need a product information management system that works for you. A PIM system enables you to better create and deliver product experiences that drive shoppers to buy. 

The best PIM solutions…

  • Aggregate Data 
  • Streamline Workflows and Improve Functionality 
  • Ensure GS1 Compliance 
  • Communicate Data to Partners 
  • Provide Support 

Product information quality and delivery directly affect customer trust and their perception of your brand. By opting for a proven, professional PIM solution, you position your products to sell. 

2. Rich Product Content 

Your product content makes or breaks your sales. According to 2021 research from Jegi Clarity, up to 80 percent of online shoppers abandon their carts. Fifty-eight percent of those shoppers blame a lack of information for their cart abandonment. 

However, with rich product content on product detail pages, the median increase in conversions jumped 24 percent. Ample content, specifically rich product content, gives your shoppers a comprehensive understanding of your products and drives them toward a confident purchase. 

The following rich content examples facilitate conversion-driving engagement: 

Product Image Spreads

By publishing multiple product images on rich content spreads, you can showcase product specs and features through an engaging medium that keeps consumers wanting to learn more. 

Lifestyle Images

Provide the imagery that inspires shoppers to imagine themselves using your products. Lifestyle imagery, including hot spots, helps potential customers envision how your products can enhance or improve their lives. 

PDP Videos 

Product detail page videos drive conversions. They’re yet another way to showcase your product in an engaging, real-life scenario while highlighting unique features and practical use. 

3. Ratings and Reviews 

Shoppers considering your products want trustworthy feedback regarding the quality of their next potential purchase. And nothing is more trustworthy than a product review. 

It’s long been understood that consumers deeply trust product reviews and ratings. Product reviews carry more weight than anything your brand says about itself. Even reviews from strangers are more likely to sway shoppers than personal recommendations from friends or family. 

And this isn’t true for merely a small segment of shoppers. Ninety-eight percent of consumers feel reviews are an essential resource when making purchase decisions. And 79 percent of shoppers seek out sites with product reviews –– like! 

Online shoppers need and want product ratings and reviews. They can’t evaluate the item themselves, so they trust shoppers who have already made their purchases. To effectively manage your reviews and ratings, you can do the following: 

  • Equip your team with monitoring tools to quickly address customer complaints. Review management programs streamline response workflows, preserving your resources. 
  • Respond to all customer reviews on your PDPs — even the negative ones. Monitoring for issues enables your team to remedy problems and regain consumer trust. 

When individuals come to to find the items they’re looking for, positive ratings and reviews will cultivate trust and endear them to your brand and your products. 

4. Product Launches 

Your product launches tell the world –– and more specifically, Best Buy shoppers –– that the solutions they’re searching for have arrived. To execute product launches that result in higher conversions, implement the following advice:

Share Content Early 

If done well, new product launches can garner much attention for your products and brand. When your product launch is on the horizon, begin sharing your content: images, specs, features, and assets. 

Share content as early as possible. Quality, engaging content creates excitement around your launch and primes shoppers for purchase before your product ever hits the digital shelves.  

Create and Implement Launch Strategies

Rich product content certainly plays a significant role in your product launches. But you need to create and implement effective launch strategies to see high conversions from your launches. 

These strategies should be customer focused, with their needs, desires and behaviors shaping your approach. 

5. Using the Right Tools to Best Position Your Products 

1WorldSync’s content solutions can help ensure accurate product content on We offer a complete solution that makes it possible for you to convert more buyers starting immediately. This is how:

New Item Setup

We make Best Buy item onboarding simple. There’s no need to manually convert your data into various formats—our platforms house your data in a single source of truth that delivers content straight to your PDPs. 

Product Content Creation and Maintenance 

Best Buy, like all trading partners, has specific product data requirements. 1WorldSync’s tools help you create content that complies with Best Buy’s standards. We create, transform, validate, and deliver your content for you. And we ensure it’s complete, accurate, and on time. 

Rich Content Creation and Syndication 

Our solutions enrich your Best Buy product pages with content that sells. We can help you turn your marketing assets into powerful digital merchandising tools. You can tell your product story in your brand voice, compelling shoppers to buy. 

Conclusion: 1WorldSync Puts You in Control 

Selling on provides access to a limitless audience. Understanding the nuances of the brand and how to best position your products empowers you to convert shoppers and sell more than ever. And 1WorldSync has the tools and resources that enable you to do so. 

We want to partner with you to deliver the best online experience possible. Reach out to our team to begin the conversation today.