1WorldSync’s Guide to Product Information Management (PIM)

February 3, 2022

1WorldSync’s Guide to Product Information Management (PIM)

Your Product Information Management is paramount to your success. Our guide to PIM ensures you’re checking every box, leading to a better product experience for consumers and increased revenue for your company.  

Why Product Information Management Matters 

A PIM system allows you to better create and deliver compelling product experiences. Your PIM enables you to collect, manage, and enrich your product information, create catalogs, and then distribute the information to your sales and eCommerce channels. 1WorldSync research shows that 84 percent of shoppers agree that the product content experience should be seamless and easy to consume wherever they interact with your brand. Quality PIM supports all forms of product information regardless of your sales channels. And in a marketplace where omnichannel sales are rising in popularity –– and effectiveness –– PIM and professional support provide a competitive advantage that helps your business thrive. 

Your PIM directly drives your sales, brand loyalty, and customer satisfaction. Working with an experienced, proven firm puts you in a position to succeed. 1WorldSync’s PIM experience, resources, and products work in tandem to provide the solutions you need. 

What Types of Businesses Need PIM? 

PIM plays a key role in many industries. Businesses in the categories below benefit from professional PIM solutions. 

1. Brands and Manufacturers

You are the source of your product data. Brands and manufacturers like you need accurate information regarding their products to meet the needs of consumers and trade partners alike. PIM allows you to effectively manage your product information, keeping data organized and allowing you to scale your growth. 

2. Distribution

As intermediaries in the supply chain, distributors must keep their products and product data organized. And as sales channels continue to grow, they must provide that data efficiently to the parties that need it. PIM enables distributors like you to process high volumes of data while remaining consistent across channels. 

3. Retailers and Marketplaces 

Ecommerce no longer takes a back seat to brick-and-mortar stores. As retailers reshape marketing and sales strategies to target online shoppers, PIM allows retailers to serve both online and in-person customers. 

What Does PIM Do for Your Business? 

1WorldSync provides the PIM solutions your company is looking for. Our team shows you how to utilize your existing resources coupled with our products and tools to streamline processes, organize your data, and provide exceptional product content experiences for your customers. 

Below we walk through the specific benefits 1WorldSync’s PIM brings to the table. 

Aggregate Product Data

Data aggregation allows you to see the big picture of the customer journey, including all points of engagement and buying channels. The way you gather and organize your data shapes your understanding of your product content and how you present it. You make crucial business decisions based on this data, which is why effective aggregation is essential.  

Your PIM should provide simple, functional aggregation that houses your disparate information at one location. 1WorldSync’s data aggregation tools integrate Enterprise Resource Planning and your existing internal systems to a single source of master data. These solutions put you in a position to compete in the marketplace while consolidating operations. 

Streamline Workflows and Improve Functionality 

Data accuracy and consistency is key in streamlining both the day-to-day and big picture objectives of your business. PIM organizes your data into a single source, as we noted above. This universal system not only keeps your data in one spot, but it allows for seamless product information changes. 

Because there aren’t multiple versions of your product data, you need to make data changes only once. PIM reduces errors because once a change is made, it’s made to the only source of your data. In addition to error reduction, PIM increases functionality. As you use PIM to make data changes, you eliminate the need to manually check for errors or review material to ensure it’s updated. 

Because your resources aren’t tied up in data editing and review, you can allocate those resources to other areas of your business to help it grow.  

Comply with GS1 Standards 

Brands and retailers must follow GS1 requirements and regulations to provide accurate product data to the consumer. Incomplete or inaccurate product information runs rampant through today’s market, affecting customer trust. Keeping up-to-date and accurate data reduces your liability and boosts customer confidence in your brand. 

PIM ensures you comply with GS1 standards while leveraging your product content across multiple channels to create a seamless shopping experience. By partnering with 1WorldSync, you enjoy PIM solutions that simplify and clarify your data across all channels. Your content is accurate, reliable, and complete –– every time. 

Running your business requires your all. Thanks to 1WorldSync PIM solutions, you never have to worry about GS1 compliance or the consequences that result from inadvertently breaking regulation. 

Communicate Data to Your Trading Partners 

The consumer isn’t the only party affected by your product data. Maintaining your PIM keeps you in good standing with your current trading partners and helps you establish new partnerships. The consistency afforded by PIM through 1WorldSync positively affects your relationships with your trading partners. You communicate professionalism, and they enjoy efficient, accurate data exchange, benefitting you both. 

Efficient data communication results in efficient supply chain and enables and promotes trading partner collaboration. 

Prioritize Quality Product Content 

The quality of your product content is one of the most important factors in your omnichannel success. According to a recent report by 1WorldSync, 81 percent of surveyed consumers believe quality product content carries more influence than brand recognition. Your PIM should aggregate and communicate your product data, but it must do more than that. Partnering with 1WorldSync for your PIM solutions ensures your product content quality exceeds industry standards and consumer expectations, helping you earn customer confidence and loyalty. 

Your product photos have significant impact on consumers’ purchase decisions when they shop online. Consumer research shows that product photo quality is in the top five factors that influence a customer to buy. On the other hand, three out of four shoppers say poor product photography or too few images will cause them to leave a product page.  1WorldSync offers image capture services that provide businesses in any industry with affordable, web-ready product images, whether you need standard images or 360-degree photography to showcase your products elegantly and efficiently.  

360-photography is the ideal option for eCommerce, digital marketing, and studio operations in every industry. Our research shows that our 360-degree product photography enhances your customers’ buying experience while increasing your conversions up to 47 percent. Quality product photography helps shoppers understand your product, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing your return rate, all while allowing you to scale your content. 

Utilize PIM Support 

Your PIM is only as good as the support that comes along with it. As you consider PIM providers, understand that you’ll need helpful, knowledgeable support, which means you want to work with a provider that is ready and able to walk alongside you every step of the way. 

At 1WorldSync, we offer the following solutions to enrich your product data:

  • Content Acceleration 
  • Image Capture 
  • Support and Training 
  • Data Loading and Maintenance 

1WorldSync is a leader in PIM systems and support, and our team is happy to provide the resources you need to reap the most benefits from your PIM. Our products work in sync, providing you with a complete suite of tools to improve your product data and, in turn, consumer engagement and revenue. 


1WorldSync provides quality PIM solutions that create a centralized hub for your product data. We continue PIM innovation to deliver exceptional results and service that work for you. Contact our team today to learn how we can improve your product information management experience.