The Sync Up: An Interview with CEO Steve Sivitter

July 16, 2021

The Sync Up: An Interview with CEO Steve Sivitter

How 1WorldSync’s core company values drive its evergreen differentiation and omnichannel product innovation

1WorldSync is on a mission to build a great technology company which both solves revenue-impacting product content challenges for customers and provides them with great outcomes.

This month, we spoke with CEO Steve Sivitter to dive deeper into how the company’s values drive its growth as the leading omnichannel product content solution provider.

You recently penned an open article defining 1WorldSync’s company values of humility, integrity, continuous improvement and teamwork. Why was it important for you to speak to these now?

Sivitter: We do indeed have a very deliberate company mission which we’re accomplishing by building technology internally with our own engineering teams but also by acquiring proven technology from great companies like Simplus, Snap36 and Content Solutions (formerly CNET Content Solutions). We are very intentional about the companies we acquire. It’s no coincidence that these organizations all had very similar values as ours long before they became a part of 1WorldSync. Now, more than ever, it’s an important time for us to affirm who we are and what we stand for so our team members, customers and partners are aligned to the values that drive and define us.

How have you seen some of our core values demonstrated during a period of significant change and growth over the last year?

Sivitter: For any M&A process to be successful, values like the ones we hold are just super important. Throughout our integration processes, we repeatedly and frequently saw all of our values at work. It’s almost impossible to successfully integrate unless each of the parties involved are honest about their strengths and weaknesses, and humble enough to recognize the opportunities to change and improve. Just because a company is an acquiring company doesn’t mean that they necessarily have the best processes. Part of the joy of acquiring businesses is what you learn from them. In many ways, the entire M&A process relies upon our values to be successful and relies upon colleagues that are really open minded to change and have a strong determination to look for opportunities to grow and continuously improve the business.

When defining our value of integrity, you noted that “technology changes, but trust is the evergreen differentiator.” How do you feel 1WorldSync lives up to that today?

Sivitter: For any business, there may occasionally be a period where they may or may not have the best product or service at a particular moment. But when you can trust in the spirit of partnership and the underlying promise to deliver no matter what—that is the evergreen differentiator. If you look at our business and the decades-long customer relationships we have, it’s that trust that binds us together.

How do you plan on instilling these core values each and every day into the company culture?

Sivitter: For 1WorldSync, each of our employees already have great personal values they bring to work each day; it’s really that simple. As travel picks back up and we can engage more with colleagues new and old, I look forward to seeing those personal values work in harmony with our company values. We’re simply blessed to work with some really nice and wonderful human beings. That kind of authenticity shines brightly throughout 1WorldSync.

If you had to pick just one value that you feel personifies the growth trajectory that 1WorldSync is on, what would it be and why?

Sivitter: It must be continuous improvement. Our other core values of humility, integrity and teamwork are the supporting pillars that are critical to our ability to improve. They allow us to be honest with each other about our performance, and to be humble in our achievements and our weaknesses. But continuous improvement is the one value that personifies what everybody should expect of 1WorldSync today and in the years to come.

What opportunities lie ahead for 1WorldSync that will heavily rely on your four core values as part of the business strategy?

Sivitter: Anything we wish to achieve relies on our values. 1WorldSync and our omnichannel product content solutions and services are mission critical for thousands of brands and retailers today. My most important job is to make sure that our business remains successful and relevant today and in the future. We’re a vibrant, ambitious and growing business that will continue to bring great benefits to our customers, no matter which part of their product content journey they’re at. And our values really just underpin everything we want to do for them along their journey.

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