Webinar Recap: Retail E-Commerce Analytics

May 4, 2023

Webinar Recap: Retail E-Commerce Analytics

1WorldSync recently held a webinar diving into the details of our newest solution: Retail E-Commerce Analytics (REA). 1WorldSync’s chief product officer Randy Mercer sat down with REA founder, Gabe Wight, and the two were joined by Tyson Foods customer development manager Katherine McGraw.

Below is a brief recap of the webinar. To watch the entire, hour-long event, you can download the recording here.

Randy began by introducing the tool and describing the problem it solves for customers. With the help of 1WorldSync, you can have the greatest content in your industry, but without retail data and analytics, you’ll miss out on sales. 1WorldSync’s new REA solution offers customers key insights into their product’s status across e-commerce.

REA provides data on how products are performing, in-store stock rates, key word rankings and competitor performance. Not only does the tool clearly communicate the analytics, but it also suggests a company’s next best step. With prioritized action items, brands don’t have to guess what action items to take, REA lays it all out for them.

A $40 billion company and producer of 20% of the beef, chicken and pork in the US, Tyson Foods is a giant that relies on REA for success at Walmart. Katherine McGraw described the necessity of REA to gather key insights and free up internal bandwidth. Almost 20% of Tyson Foods sales go through e-commerce for Walmart. It’s critical that the information the team receives about its products is accurate.

“We know that people are using [e-commerce] product pages when they’re in the store and they’re using them to make decisions that are not purchased online, so we view it as a cost of entry,” said Katherine McGraw. “You’ve got to have all of that information correct for them to be able to trust the products that they’re getting, whether they’re getting it in the store or online.”

With REA, Tyson Foods is able to gather transparent data on its products’ performance across all 4,600 Walmart stores and online. These insights allow Katherine’s team to execute their roles and make the best decisions for the brand with more internal bandwidth.

Download the full webinar here or learn more about 1WorldSync’s newest solution here.