S. Abraham & Sons Webinar Recap

May 28, 2024

S. Abraham & Sons Webinar Recap

1WorldSync recently held a webinar with S. Abraham & Sons to share details of its GDSN initiative. This webinar outlined how this new program will help suppliers ensure consistent and accurate product information is syndicated across their networks. For those that may have missed the event, a recording can be found here and more information from the webinar is below.


Who is S. Abraham & Sons (SAS)?


SAS, a division of Imperial Trading Company, is the leading distributor in the Midwest with a complete service program for the convenience store business. It also actively services drug stores, grocery stores, school and university stores, and other alternative convenience retail destinations. SAS employs over 500 people and has distribution centers in Grand Rapids, MI, and Indianapolis, IN. Established in 1927, SAS is a broad line distributor, meeting the needs of retailers in the convenience industry. SAS has many programs and over 12,000 products that can be utilized to eliminate many DSD vendors, saving time and money, including chips, milk, bakery, ice cream, and cooler door beverages. SAS partners with our suppliers to bring our customers powerful monthly promotional offerings. SAS has numerous tools to help retailers go to market every day, in every season, giving the opportunity to buy, sell, promote and profit.


SAS GDSN Initiative


SAS has partnered with 1WorldSync to leverage the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), to streamline new item setup and maintenance for SAS suppliers. GDSN allows suppliers to enter trusted, standardized, item content into the network and then send that content directly to SAS. This process will help ensure SAS has quality, accurate, and up to date information on all items in their catalog and ultimately get supplier products on shelves faster.

In using GDSN for new item set-up and maintenance, suppliers will be able to house all item records in one localized application and unify item setup. All updates performed on existing items, within GDSN, will automatically flow over to SAS allowing for real-time updates of supplier product content. With the proven efficiencies of using GDSN, this is now the preferred method of getting all item content to SAS.


Current SAS Request for Suppliers


Current SAS suppliers can get started with this GDSN program today. SAS’s preference is to receive full catalog publication for relevant categories from all suppliers. The New Item Setup process will be moved away from the ERP system and into the GDSN platform. If items are not being published via the GDSN process, they will not be able to be set up in the system. 

Above and beyond the GDSN Mandatory attributes, SAS is asking for the attributes outlined in the Attribute Guide. Please Note: If you are currently unable to provide the full list of attributes requested, please send what you have available today. You can send additional attributes as they become available.

SAS is also requesting updated image sets to ensure promotional materials and planograms are using the most recent, accurate images. SAS customers can access the images through 1WorldSync Digital Catalog for use in their own promotional materials. See below for new image requirements.


Types of Images Needed


  • High-Resolution Consumer Unit Images (showing brand, description, net content)
  • Front-facing image of product (required)
  • Nutrition Fact Label
  • Ingredients Label

SAS image preferences


How to Get Started


In order to publish your product content to SAS via the GDSN follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the SAS Trading Partner Form at:                                       https://1worldsync.com/trading-partners/s-abraham-sons/
  2. Review the SAS Implementation Guide
  3. Review the most current SAS Attribute Guide
  4. Once GLN subscription has been confirmed by SAS team
    • Send all GDSN publications to SAS GLN: 0860000016308

Not Participating in the GDSN?


If you are not currently participating in the GDSN and need to get started, contact your preferred GDSN data pool for assistance. You can reach out to 1WorldSync at:


Additional Resources


The 1WorldSync team is ready to orchestrate your product content. In addition to GDSN syndication, 1WorldSync can elevate your product content with professional product photography with its state-of-the-art studio. Once your products are captured, 1WorldSync’s team of data experts can save you time and money as they quickly format, load and publish your product content and data with Data Loading and Maintenance.

Reach out to 1WorldSync today to increase your product content quality and efficiency.