1+1=3: Boost Your Amazon A+ Content with 1WorldSync’s ContentCast

June 24, 2021

1+1=3: Boost Your Amazon A+ Content with 1WorldSync’s ContentCast

As many Amazon sellers spent months prepping for this week’s recent Prime Day 2021 online event, chances are leveraging Amazon’s A+ Content feature to boost conversion rates, increase traffic to their product pages or brand page, and increase sales was part of their overall sales strategy.

Luckily, the opportunity to continue such efforts does not end with the close of the annual event. Recent industry insights from Retail Dive point to many big-box retailers ramping up their own annual sales efforts but with staggered timelines throughout the summer season, as expectations around consumers seeking a physical shopping experience are expected to rise—more than one year past the initial onset of the pandemic.

For brands and retailers leveraging both e-commerce channels and brick-and-mortar locations to provide consumers with a holistic omnichannel shopping experience, making sure their rich product content is consistent and accurate is key—from their own company webpages, to detailed product pages, to retailer’s ecommerce channels, and more.

1WorldSync now able to publish Amazon A+ Content

While Amazon A+ Content isn’t accessible to all its sellers, those that do have access can now leverage 1WorldSync ContentCast™ to build and publish Amazon A+ Content via a direct API connection.

Amazon A+ Content allows brands to add preformatted text and image-based modules—such as image galleries, rich text, comparison charts, and carousels—to their product detail pages. With 1WorldSync ContentCast, brands can easily format and publish A+ Content modules via the platform’s intuitive inline content builder. 

“Featuring rich product content on e-commerce product pages has never been more essential,” said Randy Mercer, vice president of product at 1WorldSync. “When used effectively, A+ Content helps sellers significantly increase conversion rates, traffic and sales. With the addition of Amazon A+ Content to our network, 1WorldSync ContentCast customers have access to the most powerful version of our tool to date.”

Breaking down the values of rich media- and SEO-content

Rich media syndication capabilities through ContentCast better syndicate compelling ‘below-the-fold’ e-commerce content to thousands of retailers and distributors, such as Amazon and others. ContentCast’s inline content builder also helps brands more seamlessly provide better customer experiences, build improved marketing campaigns and create more detailed product information.

Many commerce leaders understand the value of utilizing search engine optimized (SEO) content to boost product search rankings across their brands digital presence, however at times, it may be overlooked when considering how to apply them to the product images and visuals that help sell a brand’s product and provide a more engaging experience for consumer goods customers.

By leveraging SEO copywriting services from 1WorldSync, ContentCast and Amazon A+ users can simplify content readiness steps for imagery—including preparing alt-text keywords that best represent an image and increase product appearance in search.

To learn how to leverage 1WorldSync ContentCast™ to build and publish Amazon A+ content, visit https://1worldsync.com/solutions/amazon-product-detail-page/