How to Use A+ Content to Boost Amazon Sales

January 25, 2022

How to Use A+ Content to Boost Amazon Sales

Leveraging your e-commerce product content is essential for customer engagement and increasing your revenue. Your omnichannel presence drives sales, and Amazon A+ content must be robust, accurate, and consistent across channels to meet consumers where they are. 

In this guide, we walk through everything you need to know to boost sales on Amazon via rich, conversion-ready A+ Content, and how 1WorldSync’s tools and expertise help you succeed. 

Why Content Quality Matters for Amazon Sales 

Consumers care about content quality. 2019 research by Avionos shows 53 percent of respondents say having ample information about products defines a positive digital experience with brands and retailers. Consumers expect accurate specifications, high quality images and videos, to provide the most information possible so they can make an informed purchase decision.  

Quality content creates pathways for engagement and gives you the opportunity to tell the story of your brand. The more interesting and engaging rich content you provide on your Amazon pages, the better. Users will spend more time working on your page and, as a result, will become confident in your brand and your products. 

Better content earns better leads. And through quality content, like informative and captivating images, you’re better positioned to appear in search results. Your product content directly affects your revenue and leads to more sales. Prioritizing your A+ content helps you boost Amazon sales and cultivate trust and confidence in your buyer. 

What is A+ Content? 

A+ Content is Amazon’s rich media content below the fold on product pages. A+ content includes additional product information that grabs shoppers’ attention, informs them of your product, and tells your brand story.  This rich content includes enhanced images and videos, charts, and narrative copy, building trust and confidence among consumers. Through Amazon’s A+ content, brands can easily list –– and change –– product descriptions and features. It’s the ideal tool for selling and scaling for growth on the world’s largest online market.  

Many sellers, brands, and retailers utilize Amazon to move products to consumers across the world. But far too often, these parties don’t take advantage of the A+ content services Amazon offers. You might find yourself among those missing out on the benefits of A+ content optimization.

With our powerful, easy-to-use inline rich content builder application, 1WorldSync makes it simple for brands to publish A+ Content.  1WorldSync’s direct API with Amazon enables your team to build and publish engaging, immersive A+ Content on your Amazon product detail pages. Keep reading to learn how to best leverage your rich product detail page content. 

Tips for Optimizing A+ Content 

As of June 2020, 81 percent of internet users aged 18-34 were Amazon Prime members. Sixty-eight percent of users aged 35-54 and 60 percent of individuals over the age of 55 all held Amazon prime memberships. These numbers prove that your target audience, regardless of age, are shopping on Amazon. 

Each demographic listed above saw a significant increase in Prime membership since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As consumers move their shopping to Amazon, your brand must optimize A+ content to attract and engage customers. 

Below are a few tips from the experts at 1WorldSync that guide you to do just that. 

Make Each Module Count 

Through Amazon’s free Basic A+ content, sellers highlight products and share their brand story through five pre-formatted modules. Because you’re working with five modules, you’ve got to make each one count: 

1. Use High-Resolution Images

1WorldSync provides high quality image services to optimize your product photography and A+ content. Whether you need traditional photography or 360-degree imagery for your image carousel, we deliver informative high-resolution images that tell your story. Better yet, you own your imagery for life. 

2. Multi-Purpose Modules 

Make modules that allow for both images and text, and publish content that supports each other. Your images and text together can communicate everything the consumer could ever want to know about your products. 

3. Weave in Your Brand Story

Your brand story is crucial to connect with the consumer. Your modules allow you to present your product in a way that tells the story of who you are and why you do what you do. Every moment a customer is on your product page is a chance for you to engage with them and earn their trust and confidence

Differentiate with Digestible Content

Your content must engage shoppers from the moment they land on your product page. Balance the text on your page with engaging images, and make sure those images reinforce the message you communicate in your written content. 

Your content should not only inform consumers of your product, but it should show them what they’re missing out on should they shop elsewhere. Images and narrative text should show consumers why they need and want your products. Highlight ways your goods will provide specific solutions to their problems and improve their quality of life. 

Preemptively Answer Questions

Consumers shop with certain wants and needs in mind, but they also bring unconscious questions with them as they peruse your content. The A+ content is the ideal place to preemptively answer customer questions. 

Identify the features your consumer cares about the most, then draw attention to those features within your modules. For example, if you sell a food product, shoppers might be interested to know if it’s gluten free or free of GMOs. You can provide this information upfront, which not only keeps consumers engaged with your content, but it helps build trust. 

Focus on Portfolio Breadth

Every one of your products on Amazon should have A+ Content. The more quality, accurate content you have for your products, the better experience you provide for the shopper, and the more sales you will earn. 

Rich content helps you show up in user searches while providing helpful information to those same users. 

Think Omnichannel 

Retail is omnichannel, and you must structure your marketing and content creation to reflect your customers’ shopping habits. As you’re developing your marketing strategy, remember the rule of seven: a consumer will need to interact with you seven times before they make a purchase. Customers shop around and look at different retailers to find the best product at the best price, so you must publish your content with different retailers and not solely with one store. 

Putting Optimization into Action with ContentCastTM 

Once you’ve created A+ Content assets, the new challenge is publishing it for omnichannel optimization. At 1WorldSync, we utilize our inline rich content creation and publishing application, ContentCast, to ensure content changes are simple and accurate every time. You can implement universal changes to your content, or you can create custom product information for certain retailers.

Thanks to ContentCast, you don’t have to create new content each time you partner with a new retailer. Simply make edits to your original content, saving yourself time and resources that you can invest back into your brand.  

1WorldSync’s ContentCast application makes creating, publishing, and editing A+ Content simple. Through our rich content builder, your team can 

  • Create and Assemble Your Content – 1WorldSync offers image capture and search engine optimized copywriting services to create content that converts. 
  • Build Content that Converts – Our intuitive content building application empowers you to build out content that tell the story of your brand.  
  • Publish Seamlessly to the Amazon Store – Simple one-click syndication publishes your product content straight to Amazon. 

With ContentCast, all content is optimized for mobile, so you can reach consumers where they shop: on their phones. ContentCast supports all Amazon markets and languages, so there’s no limit to where you market your products. A+ Content and ContentCast is indexed for search, so shoppers can easily find you in Amazon’s SERPs. And making changes to your Amazon rich content is fast and simple. 1WorldSync’s quality assurance team reviews your edits to ensure your content is on the correct product page and meets Amazon’s community standards. All changes are reviewed and approved within one business day, so you enjoy prompt edits that reflect your products and your brand. 

1WorldSync works closely with Amazon to give you the tools you need to get noticed, build a connection with consumers, and increase your sales. To get started and learn more, click here


Your Amazon store has the potential to increase your reach around the globe. Optimizing your A+ content tells your story and boosts your conversion rate, and 1WorldSync makes it simple. With content creation, 360 spin images, and seamless publication, 1WorldSync provides the tools and support you need to optimize A+ content to increase your engagement and your revenue.