The Only Guide You’ll Need for Increasing Conversion Rates via Amazon Seller Central

November 15, 2022

The Only Guide You’ll Need for Increasing Conversion Rates via Amazon Seller Central

Amazon can be a trusted and highly valuable e-commerce channel. For sellers to win market share and take hold of the digital shelf, they must capitalize on the many benefits of selling on Amazon. In this guide to increasing conversion rates via Amazon Seller Central, we’ll show you how. 

Why Sell on Amazon? 

If you’re a seller, you operate in an omnichannel retail market. Listing on a single site –– yours –– is no longer enough if your goal is to grow and win market share. Taking advantage of all Amazon has to offer can be a powerful way to grow your business. 

Selling in Amazon stores allows you to unlock new opportunities for your business through 

  • Support for distribution 
  • Sales channels 
  • Product listings and more

The company has a global reach, with more than 300 million active customer accounts and 1.9 million selling partners worldwide. Third-party sellers account for 58 percent of Amazon’s sales –– and that number is growing.  

In 2020, due to COVID-19, more than 200,000 new third-party sellers listed in Amazon’s U.S. store. That’s a 45 percent year-over-year increase. And though we’re operating in a post-pandemic world, the shift to online shopping is permanent. According to 1WorldSync research, nine in ten shoppers say they won’t exclusively return to in-person shopping for items they once bought in-store.  

Consumers shop online. And much of their shopping happens on Amazon. Selling on Amazon through Amazon Seller Central allows you to capitalize on the engagement and traffic the super seller brings to the table. 

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Navigating Amazon Seller Central 

Amazon Seller Central is the fastest-growing and preferred acquisition channel for more than half of the company’s multichannel sellers. 

Amazon empowers brands to build, grow, and scale through its innovative toolkit explicitly designed for the channel, including

  • World-class logistics 
  • Proven customer experiences 
  • Rich data insights 
  • Cutting-edge advertising and marketing solutions 

When you sell with Amazon, you reap the benefits of partnering with a globally recognized and trusted company. On average, sellers see a 20-25 percent increase in sales after selling through Amazon. Below are the three key pillars that can lead your brand to succeed when you become an Amazon seller:  

1. Fulfillment by Amazon 

When you implement Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment warehouses. Amazon picks, packs and ships the order directly to your customer, providing customer service for those orders. 

2. Amazon’s Advertising Solutions 

Amazon’s advertising and marketing solutions help you increase visibility –– and sales. These ad options allow you to connect with consumers on and off the platform, reaching them at critical points throughout their buyer’s journey. 

3. Amazon’s Perfect Launch 

Amazon outlines five steps that drive brands to success: 

  • Brand registry 
  • A+ content 
  • Fulfillment by Amazon 
  • Automated Pricing 
  • Advertising 

Amazon’s data scientists have found that sellers implementing and executing these five steps, known as the Perfect Launch, within the first 90 days of selling will generate sales more quickly than sellers who have not. 

Amazon empowers you to connect your brand and products to millions of customers. With a dedicated virtual storefront and valuable insights from Brand Analytics, you can join hundreds of thousands of other brands in strategic sales to customers worldwide.  

Optimizing Product Content to Increase Conversions on Amazon 

Amazon simplifies the selling process. But to see the highest level of engagement and sales, brands must build a product content strategy that optimizes content for the most conversions possible. 

1WorldSync delivers content optimization resources and solutions that empower you to win the digital shelf and grow your business on Amazon. We discuss 1WorldSync’s world-class content solutions below. 

1. GDSN Initiative 

With the demand for product transparency at an all-time high, brands must meet consumer demand for accurate, informative product content on every channel where a consumer interacts with a brand and its products. Brands require solutions to deliver their content to trading partners, providing immediate access to complete, up-to-date product information. The GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN®) allows brands to share product content with any trading partner worldwide, ensuring consistency and accuracy for every listing with every partner. 

For brands like yours, this means you deliver a consistent product content experience for your consumers. Recent 1WorldSync research found that 87 percent of shoppers agree that the product content experience should be seamless and easy to consume wherever they interact with a brand. 

The GDSN empowers you to deliver accurate, consistent product data on all channels while reducing data input errors and preserving your resources. And now, brands can take advantage of the GDSN while selling on Amazon. 

Amazon recently announced that it is accepting item data publications via the GDSN. And through its GDSN initiative with 1WorldSync, Amazon receives enriched, standardized product information that empowers sellers to win in the e-commerce space. 

GDSN adoption is essential in the omnichannel retail space. You can drive commerce through 1WorldSync and Amazon’s partnership and increase your sales starting now. 

2. Amazon A+ Content 

Your product detail pages (PDPs) provide consumers with the information they need and want to arrive at their purchase decisions. Strategic content decisions shape customer perception of your brand, building loyalty and setting you apart from your competition. 

PDP content determines your brand’s online success. Your content is the primary metric by which customers can measure the quality of your products –– and your brand. 

With A+ Content, you can increase traffic and conversion rates in the Amazon store. 1WorldSync’s direct API with Amazon empowers your team to create and publish engaging, immersive A+ content on your PDPs. 

A+ content creation and publishing through 1WorldSync allows you to enrich your product detail pages with conversion-driving content, including

  • Image galleries 
  • Photo carousels
  • Hero images
  • Rich text 
  • Comparison charts 
  • Other digital marketing assets 

Partnering with 1WorldSync helps you to create and deliver Amazon A+ content that converts. Below, we explore how A+ content with 1WorldSync works.  

1. Create and Assemble

1WorldSync provides image capture, renderings, and SEO copywriting services. We create exceptional content that informs, engages, and delivers quality at every step. 

2. Build Your A+ Content 

Our innovative rich content builder application helps you craft A+ content spreads that provide the next best thing to an in-person shopping experience. 

3. One-Click Syndication

1WorldSync’s content syndication tool publishes your A+ content to your PDP in the Amazon store with just one click. 

A+ content is essential for you to win buyers on Amazon. 1WorldSync makes the content process easy from start to finish. 

4. 360-Degree Product Photography 

Amazon is home to hundreds and thousands of sellers competing for consumer dollars. To earn sales and customer loyalty, brands must first differentiate themselves in a sea of content. 1WorldSync works with sellers to create compelling, engaging product experiences for Amazon shoppers. 

After research reporting higher conversion rates, Amazon has implemented a 360-degree product photography viewer for multiple product categories, including everything from automotive to kitchen to tools and toys. 1WorldSync’s research team found that 56 percent of consumers say high-quality media –– like 360-degree photography –– has convinced them to buy a product they didn’t think they needed. 

Bottom line: quality image capture sells your products. And 1WorldSync provides the solutions you need to launch your 360-degree product photography on Amazon.  

Whether you want to ship your products to our 31,000-square-foot warehouse, have our team travel to you, or leverage our experts to create photorealistic product renderings, we have the tools and talent to deliver conversion-driving spin imagery that sells your products. 

In the e-commerce space, every second counts. The digital shelf constantly expands, and competitors are fighting for the top spots. If timeliness is crucial –– and for brands and sellers, it always is –– then you need images as soon as possible. 1WorldSync is the only Amazon content partner that will upload and publish your 360-degree images within one week. 

Winning Market Share with 1WorldSync and Amazon 

You have endless opportunities to grow and sell on Amazon. 1WorldSync delivers the tools, solutions, and support you need to reach –– and surpass –– your goals for the platform. 

Reach out to our team today to learn how 1WorldSync can equip your business to increase conversion rates and reach its full potential on Amazon Seller Central.