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Create a Centralized Hub with Product Information Management

Aggregate, validate and communicate your product content.

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“Recent retailer and e-tailer mandates made the easy aggregation of our data vital to competing in the marketplace, and accomplishing all of this was no easy feat. The 1WorldSync team had answers to each one of our needs and explained how they could be addressed using our existing people, more efficient processes and our new technology investment.”

Vernetta McDowell
Director of Sales and Operations Planning
Reynolds Consumer Products


Product Information Management (PIM) made easy


Workflows + validations

Protect your brand from inconsistencies that can lead to inefficiencies among trading partners.


Aggregate data

Integrate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and existing internal systems to a single source of master data


Comply with GS1 standards

Ensure product content exchanged between trading partners supports regional and regulatory standards.


Data Sync Business Process Integration Engine

Seamlessly communicate your data to your trading partners in their preferred format.

Take control of your product information

Managing product content across the e-commerce landscape has never been easy. Accuracy in product attribution requires organizations to employ streamlined systems to aggregate, validate and communicate product information. Not meeting these industry needs can lead to inefficiencies among trading partners, an inconsistent web presence, retailer/regulatory fines and consumer harm — all of which damage an organization’s brand reputation and bottom line.

Accurate and timely product information helps instill trust and customer loyalty in the interchangeable and complex world of retail. Compliance with GS1 Standards ensures that product data exchanged between trading partners is accurate and follows universally supported specifications.

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Aggregate, validate and communicate columns with aggregate column showing benefits of aggregated product information


Data Sync Direct is built upon a Business Process Integration Engine (BPI). This BPI provides the ability for your organization to:

  • Integrate existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, including (SAP, Infor, Oracle, Digital Asset Management)
  • Aggregate in the format of your choice (XML, flat file, CSV) via your internal best practices methodology (EAI, Middleware, Web Services)

Data Sync Direct aggregates these product attributes into the system to provide a single location for disparate information.

Aggregate, validate and communicate columns with validate column showing benefits of GS1 validation


The entire set of GS1 rules are embedded within our Data Sync Direct solution, ensuring your aggregated data passes the GS1 Standards before it is submitted via the GDSN or shared outside GDSN.

While GS1 Standards are important, so are your internal rules and policies. Data Sync Direct includes a browser-based administrative facility to expand business rules to meet your internal specifications, as well as a conditional workflow engine to monitor attributes.

Aggregate, validate and communicate columns with validate column showing benefits of communicating product information


The Data Sync Business Process Integration Engine seamlessly communicates your data in the proper format to your trading partners. The system provides the ability to publish to a single entity or update your entire trading partner community at one time in the format of their choosing.

Streamline and save chart showing how aggregation, validation and communication optimize product information management

Streamline + save

Automated workflows and real-time validations provide the confidence in the quality of your product content, avoiding issues with recipient issues, providing increased speed-to-market of your products and avoiding regulatory fines.

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