Create Compelling Consumer Experiences Above and Below the Fold

March 18, 2021

Create Compelling Consumer Experiences Above and Below the Fold

With e-commerce sales at an all-time high, shoppers are buying online more than ever before. Even when the final purchase is made in-store, many shoppers prefer to research products online before they buy. This upward e-commerce trend creates an even greater need for brands to consistently and accurately portray their products wherever they are sold online.

There’s no debate: displaying compelling product content is important
Ensuring that accurate and compelling product information is displayed on e-commerce sites’ product pages is a necessity for creating a positive brand experience. Market research1 shows that majority of respondents (53%) confirm having ample information about products in the form of specs, images, videos, and more is what defines a positive experience with digital brands & retailers. In fact, 61% of global online shoppers said they would be more likely to shop with a brand if the brand provided important product content in a self-service way2.

Consumers expect to conduct research on an e-commerce product page and see compelling, informational and interactive product content that helps them make informed decisions about the product before they buy.

Driving Confident Commerce with best-quality imagery

Product detail pages are critical in making or breaking a sale. Arguably, your images are the single most important source of information as many customers will make a buying decision based on product imagery alone. Brands and retailers need to mimic the in-store experience as best they can online by displaying high-resolution, detailed product imagery that enables shoppers to truly experience the product and feel confident in clicking the buy button.

The result of not accurately representing your products in a digital environment is damage to your brand and lost sales. How many times have you purchased an item that displays ‘no image’ or missing image?’ I bet never. In fact, in a Digital Commerce 360 survey of online shoppers, “45% of shoppers experienced ‘not enough images to see what the product looks like’ when shopping on retail websites in the past 6 months3.”

“Some of the packaging solutions we offer have presented some unique challenges in how to show and visualize the product. The team at 1WorldSync took those head on and came up with some really innovative solutions4.”

Brian Bettcher, vice president of e-commerce, TricorBraun

Outsourcing image capture to reliable professionals ensures your physical products are transformed into a comprehensive package of compelling visual assets. With 1WorldSync, you will receive a comprehensive set of best-quality product images to fuel your core above the fold content as well as the rich media to tell your brand story below the fold. Our image capture process is compliant with GS1 US standards, capturing all required product imagery, including weights, dimensions, ingredients, nutritional information, and on-package data. And the brand retains ownership of the assets created and to use them for all marketing or sales needs.

In addition to high-quality still images, providing a 360-degree spin experience on a product page has proven to give brands an edge in e-commerce, increasing online conversions by as much as 47%. This process offers up to 72 multi-angle, still photos in addition to 360-degree spins, GIFs, interactive hero images, and more, and can be used in carousels, spin viewers, mobile hero’s, hotspots, and videos.

Streamlining with syndication

Once your compelling, accurate digital content is created, it needs to be delivered to the right e-commerce product pages at the right time. That is where content syndication makes a difference. With content syndication, brands create and package their high-impact digital marketing assets, deliver them one time to a content syndication provider, and the provider then seamlessly disseminates those assets directly to the brands’ e-commerce partners’ product pages. This service significantly increases efficiency and ensures brand consistency across partner sites.

Eliminate complexity with a one-stop-shop
Working with one company that provides multiple services will increase efficiency and reduce cost. 1WorldSync now provides full-service product image capture and rich content syndication across multiple industries and global markets. With its holistic approach, 1WorldSync offers brands a multi-point product data and content solution that empowers them to streamline workflows, ensure brand consistency, and ultimately increase sales.

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