How to Recreate the In-Person Shopping Experience Online

June 29, 2022

How to Recreate the In-Person Shopping Experience Online

The End of In-Store-Only Brand Experiences

The pandemic brought on higher rates of online shopping than ever before with 87% of consumers purchasing items that they would usually get in-person, online for the first time. Despite the reopening of physical stores, e-commerce is here to stay. There is no longer an in-store-only brand experience. Now, brands must be relevant, consistent and engaging across omnichannel commerce. A 2021 1WorldSync study found that only 11 percent of consumers will return to shopping exclusively in-store. But, the same study found that even while actively shopping in-store, consumers are leveraging online product detail pages for more information on the products in front of them. So what should your product detail pages convey? Read on to find out.

When shopping online, customers don’t have the ability to hold your product in their hands, like they would in the store. With advancing technology, you can nearly recreate that in-person experience through your product detail page. The key is highlighting all your product has to offer and sharing accurate, detailed images and information.

Give Your Customers the Full Picture

360-Degree Photography

Sharing 360-degree images of your product allows customers to get a feel for what the product looks like from all angles and how they will use it. Customers may be looking for a product feature that isn’t top of mind for your marketing team, such as multiple or specific charging ports on an electronic device or pocket size and design on a pair of pants. By capturing 360-degree images, you’re allowing your customer to access the entire product and understand what they’re purchasing in advance. This not only better educates the customer, it can limit return rates. 1WorldSync’s studio and on-site services can capture 360-degree images of any product.

Augmented Reality (AR) Images

Augmented reality is a growing sector of e-commerce that brings your products to life in a new way. AR allows customers to see how your product can be used in their spaces with technology that can superimpose your product onto their camera’s view. With AR, customers don’t have to imagine what their new couch will look like in their living room, they can see it. 

Hot Spots

Hot spots are another growing product detail page feature that share more meaningful information with your customer and lead to sales. Hot spots are an interactive aspect on images that allow customers to click, spin and learn more with highlighted specifications and attributes. With hot spots, you can call out what differentiates your product from competitors right in your images. 

Tell the Whole Story of Your Product

E-Commerce product detail pages allow for more than just photography. Brands and retailers should leverage this invaluable online space to share as much relevant, accurate and concise information about their products as possible. 

Inline and Below-The-Fold Rich Content

Your inline content allows you to communicate who you are and why customers should choose your brand and products. This is the online space for you to share copy, specs and all relevant product information. It’s crucial to share information pertinent to your products without overwhelming the customer. Customers have endless options online and limited attention; there’s no need for lengthy, repetitive copy on your product detail page. Ensure that your products are well represented without redundant information. Experts at 1WorldSync can work with your team to develop inline content that best represents your brand with Rich Content Syndication.

Accuracy & Consistency

Brands that work across multiple retailers understand that inaccuracy is a nonstarter. Each retailer has different and specific requirements that brands must submit and update in order to sell their products in-store and online. Making sure each of those requirements is met is an overwhelming task. 1WorldSync can take that work off your plate. Learn more about the seamless implementation, validation and management of product information through Item Management. By leveraging Item Management, you can reach more retailers and ultimately customers with less work. Item Management helps to create the seamless shopping experience you and your customers seek.


In-person-only shopping no longer exists and e-commerce is here to stay. In order to succeed, brands need to optimize their e-commerce strategy with robust imagery, concise content and streamlined processes. 1WorldSync can help your team increase your reach and drive sales with Image Capture Services, Rich Content Syndication and Item Management. Contact us today to get started.