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Item Management

Streamline the most challenging aspects of product content operations

Designed in collaboration with leading brands and retailers, 1WorldSync Item Management demystifies the complex, resource-intensive job of product content management.

The result for thousands of brands worldwide? Validated, up-to-date and syndication-ready content that fuels omnichannel commerce.

Laptop displaying 1WorldSync Item Management user interface. Smartphone displaying a product page of coffee sits in front of the actual, but enlarged coffee bag.

Transparency is important for Kellogg. Thanks to 1WorldSync, we can deliver product information to our customers and consumers in a reliable and useful way. We are able to engage in more meaningful conversations with our consumers and delight them with the information they desire.

Todd Huford, Director, Global Digital Operations and Enablement
Kellogg Company


Your Single Source of Truth for Product Content Management

Manage with Ease

Quickly set up and seamlessly manage all your current and new e-commerce and supply chain product content.

Validate Instantly

Keep your items up to date against changing retailer requirements and emerging regulations with automatic attribute validations.

Make Work Flow

Focus on the work that matters most and manage content through the eyes of your consumers with custom attribute lists.

Safeguard Your Content

1WorldSync is one of the only platforms and data pools to be ISO certified – the highest standard for information security.

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Create Your Product Content Utopia



Product Content Efficiency at Your Fingertips

Person viewing a tablet with screen showing the 1WorldSync interface dashboard. An icon hovering next to tablet states that product content for Amazon is ready. Another icon states that product content for Walmart requires review. A third icon states that product content for Target needs editing and does not meet Target's requirements.

See Recipient Scorecards in Real-Time

Not sure how to prioritize your day? With the Content Readiness dashboard, you can easily focus on what matters most.

  • Manage and track publication against retailer requirements in an easy-to-view dashboard
  • Optimize your best selling products’ content
  • Organize your work based on product goals and/or recipient needs
Woman viewing a desktop screen that shows the 1WorldSync interface dashboard. A graphic hovers above the screen showing a product detail page with an error stating that product images are missing.

Product Content Insights at Your Fingertips

With Content Hub, Item Management automatically exposes critical content gaps, like missing imagery and product descriptions, and recommends optimal solutions to enhancing your content.

  • Quickly identify opportunities to improve your product content
  • Leverage additional services and features to make your product content bullet proof
Graphic of laptop with screen showing a product on Amazon, a smartphone with screen showing a product on Target, and a tablet with screen showing a product on Walmart.

Broaden Your E-commerce Reach

No matter your data standard, we have you covered. As the world’s largest GDSN data pool (and it’s not even close), we also own one of the largest global databases of e-commerce core content in the industry, with more than 17 million SKUs.

  • Publish your content to the world’s largest recipient network
  • Whether you operate in CPG, Consumer Electronics, or Food & Beverage, 1WorldSync makes the complex, ever-evolving process of content syndication a breeze
Person viewing tablet of a 1WorldSync interface. Products and icon graphics hovering above tablet illustrating asset management.

Upload All Your Digital Assets With 1-Click

Reduce workloads and increase the speed and accuracy of your product updates with our Digital Asset Management tool.

  • Seamlessly and securely manage your e-commerce content
  • Fully automated feature sets reduce errors
  • Mass asset uploading, supported by our Content Services experts
A customer support representative is talking on the phone while typing on a computer.

Rely On Our Onboarding + Support

Our Customer Experience teams remain engaged throughout our relationship to ensure ongoing success for both content providers and recipients.

  • Education for niche topics, including item setup and maintenance, data quality, content creation and more
  • Dedicated teams throughout your 1WorldSync engagement
  • Track and score your supplier communities


Let Your Content Work For You

Product Information Management

Maintain complete, secure data, and validate against your workflows and business rules to ensure accessibility.


Our customers, our community

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