Digital Catalog

Empower Your Sales and Marketing Efforts

Enhance your sales process with customizable, automated sales enablement and marketing asset creation.


Your entire product portfolio in a digital catalog format

Eliminate manual entry and updates so that your teams and prospects always have your current product offering.

Leverage Your Trusted Content

Ensure your internal teams and customers have the most accurate, brand-verified product content.

Publish and Share in PDF Format

Automatically generate product detail pages or one-page Sales Slicks to share with your customers.

Sales Enablement

Unlock digitized product content for your internal teams to accurately represent up-to-date item assortments.

Product Discovery

Present your full product assortment to your trading partners so they can discover new products.

Shorten Your Sales Cycle with Compelling, Easy-to-Create Product Content Marketing Assets

1WorldSync’s Digital Catalog tool enables you to accelerate your sales by expediting the exposure of your item assortment to your customers, improving speed-to-shelf, both in-store and on the digital shelf. Powered by your existing data in Item Management, Digital Catalog also enables easy sales asset creation, customized to your brand.

  • Expose new products to land additional in-store and e-commerce sales
  • Offer content essential to a streamlined item setup process
  • Enhance search capabilities and filters to quickly locate relevant products you need
  • Grant visibility to images, marketing copy, supply chain and marketing content on a dynamic HTML webpage to influence merchant purchasing decisions
Digital Catalog Features

Impactful and Instant Sales Assets, Digitized

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