E-Commerce Rich Content Syndication Services

Build the Conversion-Driving Brand Showcase Your Products Deserve

Create and track real-time performance of impactful content, such as videos, enhanced imagery, and other rich media on your e-commerce product detail pages.

Results Worth Measuring

Source: 1WorldSync Based on A/B tests across various product categories and multiple retailers in North America and Europe.


Increase in interaction rates with rich content.


Increase in interactions with video.


More likely to buy after interaction with rich content.

Syndicate Rich Content to Leading Retailers Worldwide

Did you know that 82% of shoppers visit at least two different websites before making a significant online purchase?

Leverage 1WorldSync’s ContentCast tool to quickly create and distribute rich content to retailer sites and your own direct-to-consumer (DTC) sites so shoppers have no reason to look elsewhere.

What is Rich Content Syndication?

Rich content – also known as below-the-fold, inline, enriched or A+ content – is brand-provided content displayed within a retail partner’s product detail page.

Rich content allows you to place high-impact media outside the confines of the image gallery, significantly increasing shopper engagement and add-to-cart conversions.

Content is hosted by 1WorldSync ContentCast and is displayed instantly via JavaScript on your e-commerce partners’ site.

Try it solo or bundle with 1WorldSync’s leading product content creation, management and delivery platforms!

How It Works

Make a Statement. Track Engagement. Sell More.

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