How to showcase your career and expertise in product content synchronization

April 9, 2021

How to showcase your career and expertise in product content synchronization

With increased growth in virtual education over the past year came opportunities for many online learning platform providers to revamp educational experiences for students of all ages.

And with forecasted growth of the global e-learning market—estimated to reach USD $374.3B by 2026, up from USD $144B in 20191—it is clear that the one-size-fits-all education model is no longer sustainable. Course customization, digitalization and telecommunications growth—which provides more affordable and available Internet ease of access—are all factors that drive the need for change in e-learning growth. And as e-learning formats grow to provide more accessibility and student engagement, course curriculum’s and structure must keep pace with demand for how students want to be educated and engaged with.

Which is why it is important for leaders in education & training to provide a healthy balance of virtual, on-demand-only e-learnings and training courses that provide a mix of virtual engagement with -hands-on, live ask-the-expert breakouts built into each course.

Elevate the look and feel of your professional experience
Whether you have an M.A., M.S., Ph.D., or completed certification that garnered you PE, PMP or other educational or training status—majority of us are all too familiar with the standard way to display accreditation acronyms to communicate our professional expertise.

But times have changed and similar to driving change with virtual e-learnings, digital credentials and badging to visually show off skillsets in item management, content synchronization, master data management or other areas are increasingly becoming the norm.

By earning your certification upon completion of the Content Synchronization for Business Professionals course, you not only elevate your professional expertise—you get to show off your digital badge to industry peers across different platforms.

How it works
Your certification journey doesn’t stop at the end of the course.

Upon completion, you will receive a separate email notification from Credly on behalf of 1WorldSync with simple instructions how to set up your Credly account to download your digital badge, and start managing and sharing it to your LinkedIn profile and other areas.

Every time your digital badge is shared or viewed, you broadcast awareness of your achievements to get the recognition you deserve and open doors to new professional opportunities in product content management & data synchronization.

Didn’t receive the email? Make sure to mark the Credly domain as a safe sender to your inbox to ensure notifications reach you. Please contact us with any questions to

Commit to improving your product content knowledge and data
Attend the Content Synchronization for Business Professionals training sessions and learn how to master your product content synchronization like a pro so that your workflow processes become second nature. In this 2-day training session, you won’t just explore the value of efficient product content synchronization. You will gain real-time, instructor-led practice session and troubleshooting time to help you address immediate content errors, instill confidence in your commerce activities, and drive product sales and brand loyalty.

Don’t miss your chance to extend your professional brand reach. Take the course and earn a digital badge for your expertise. Get started today.

Register for a number of available course dates April – June!


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