Podcast Recap: 1WorldSync on Retail Focus

January 24, 2023

Podcast Recap: 1WorldSync on Retail Focus

1WorldSync’s VP of Product, Randy Mercer, joined the Retail Focus podcast in December to discuss product content. We summarized the conversation below, but you can listen to the full episode here.

 (Randy joins the podcast at 16:32)

1WorldSync on the Retail Focus Podcast Recap:

Randy sat down to discuss the importance of product content on the Retail Focus. The conversation covers the increasing demand for consistency and accuracy in content. Consumers are seeking extensive product details throughout their shopping experience. Randy dives into the importance of rich content, such as 360-degree photography and augmented reality (AR) features on product detail pages. 

Randy and the Retail Focus team also cover the topic of automation and how it’s affecting retailer’s processes and product returns. They discuss accurate product bundling suggestions and how they can increase basket size while decreasing returns. 

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