Survey: How Consumers are Using Mobile Shopping Features

February 2, 2023

Survey: How Consumers are Using Mobile Shopping Features

Shopping continues to grow across channels in meaningful ways. 1WorldSync’s recent 2022 Consumer Product Content Benchmark Report surveyed 1,500 shoppers across the U.S. and Canada to learn more about shopping trends. In this blog, we dive into the specific data surrounding mobile shopping features. 

As the omnichannel shopping landscape continues to grow and vary, even traditional in-store shopping no longer takes place entirely in-store. 90% of shoppers use their smartphones to look up products while shopping in a physical retail store at least some of the time. Overall, consumers are using their smartphones while shopping 49% of the time, on average.

What are they looking at? Price comparisons (53%), customer reviews (46%), detailed product descriptions (35%), health nutritional information (28%) and information about brand reputation (26%).

Now more than ever, shoppers desire detailed information about products. Half of consumers scan QR codes on packaging to learn more about products. Programs like SmartLabel can provide more highly desired product transparency to shoppers enabling them to better understand information such as ingredients, allergens, key differentiators and more. 

A newer feature that consumers are using in their shopping experience is augmented reality (AR). AR allows consumers to digitally replicate a product in their own space through their smartphone. This technology can be used for anything from seeing what a piece of furniture would look like in a consumer’s living room or finding the right lipstick shade before committing to a purchase. 47% of shoppers who utilized AR found that it helped them get a sense of the product’s size and scale, while 43% got the impression that the brand leveraging AR was innovative and cutting edge, and 37% said the AR feature displayed a sense of the brand or product’s personality. 

Another feature that enables shoppers to make an informed decision is 360-degree spin imagery. 88% of shoppers find this type of media helpful to see all angles of the product. 

To learn more about mobile shopping features and other areas of omnichannel shopping trends, you can find the latest data in 1WorldSync’s 2022 Consumer Product Content Benchmark Report here.