Survey: Consumer Expectations and Habits Across Omnichannel Commerce

January 19, 2023

Survey: Consumer Expectations and Habits Across Omnichannel Commerce

1WorldSync’s 2022 Consumer Product Content Benchmark Report recently shared the latest data on omnichannel shopping. In this blog, we are breaking down how much product content consumers are viewing and where.

Despite their recent decline, the survey found that shoppers trust product content on brand e-commerce shops (direct-to-consumer) slightly more (69%) than content on major retail e-commerce sites selling products from multiple brands (62%). However, it’s not product content on any one channel that matters most, it’s the expectation that a consistent story emerges across channels. 81% of consumers expect a brand’s product content experience to be similar everywhere they interact with that brand.

Consumers aren’t just interacting with a brand in one place, they are viewing product content across many channels. This makes it crucial for brands to ensure product content is consistent everywhere it’s found. Even when shopping for just one item, consumers are spending more time looking at content.

1WorldSync research found that when shopping for a significant online purchase, most consumers are researching at least 4 products (521%) and visiting multiple sites (89%) with 29% of consumers visiting at least 4 sites.

The level and intensity of research, while significant across industries, can vary depending on the shopper’s interest. For example, frequent consumer electronics buyers are more likely to conduct in-depth research for significant purchases with 36% visiting more than four sites and 56% looking at more than four products before buying.

This level of product research displays consumers’ dedication to understanding products prior to purchase. Product content allows them to understand products clearly and purchase with confidence.

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