Survey: What is Driving Conversions on PDPs?

February 7, 2023

Survey: What is Driving Conversions on PDPs?

1WorldSync recently published the 2022 Consumer Product Content Benchmark Report and found that 7 in 10 online shoppers decide not to buy products due to poor quality or lack of product content. In this blog, we dive into exactly what drives conversions on product detail pages (PDPs). To read the full data set and learn more about product content conversion, download the report here: 

The PDP houses all product content on an e-commerce site and is the most thorough look a customer gets at the product. The features on a PDP can drive a sale or drive a customer to leave a site altogether. One of the strongest features of a PDP is photography. Ample, high-quality product images/photos positively impact the purchasing decisions of 58% of shoppers. The most helpful imagery types according to consumers are: 360-degree spin, scale, action, customer and image text showcasing features and benefits.

Photography is not the only conversion-driving PDP feature. 54% of online shoppers say product multimedia (such as videos and AR) has persuaded them to purchase something they initially didn’t think they needed or wanted. On the contrary, low-quality or too few images leads 52% of shoppers to leave a PDP, as well as poorly written product descriptions (49%), too few reviews (46%) and insufficient or too hard to understand product details/specs (35%).

Learn more about what’s driving conversions in the 2022 Consumer Product Content Benchmark report here: