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More Than the World’s Largest Global Data Synchronization Network Data Pool

At 1WorldSync, we leverage our deep GDSN legacy and expertise to efficiently connect you with buyers around the globe.

Diagram of 1WorldSync's GDSN presence.

“Transparency is important for Kellogg. Thanks to 1WorldSync, we can deliver product information to our customers and consumers in a reliable and useful way. With this information, we are able to engage in more meaningful conversations with our consumers and delight them with the information they desire.”

Todd Hufford
Kellogg Company, Director of Global Digital Operations and Enablement

Benefit from GDSN

Bridging the content gap between suppliers and retailers

The world’s largest data pool

Trading partners have access to the most current and complete information needed to exchange products in both local and global markets.

Better, faster data sharing

Gain access to a single source of product-content truth.

Global flexibility and reach

Strengthen your network with GDSN data pool access to drive more business.

Preserve your brand integrity

Accurate, consistent product content protects your reputation.

Yes, we’re the world’s largest GDSN data pool. But what does that distinction actually mean for you?

GDSN opens the door to unlimited possibilities for your company. The ability to seamlessly share high-quality product content allows you to partner with any and all GDSN-subscribing vendors of your choosing. The result? You expand your e-commerce customer base while also ensuring accurate, reliable product content in every market.

1WorldSync is also part of the GS1 Unique ID partner program, meaning we’ll work with you to ensure your brand is properly protected.

Simply put, GDSN allows you to reach more vendors and more customers, more rapidly and more accurately. You’ll boost your bottom line, and access a deep community of your e-commerce vendors and peers.

Diagram of 1WorldSync's role between buyers and sellers.
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Unmatched flexibility to meet global vendors’ needs

From JSON to XML to APIs and beyond, every retailer has their preferred data delivery format. Our GDSN data pool provides the formatting flexibility you need to keep up with their needs, seamlessly and automatically. Our platform also keeps your content up to date against major releases and emerging regulations—so your teams can focus on adding value elsewhere.

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Robust partnerships + opportunities for growth

A partnership with 1WorldSync means partnerships with some of the world’s largest retailers. Create new connections while marketing your offerings through our robust product discovery functionality, growing both vendor relationships and your customer pool.

We also provide the tools to take GDSN conversations to the next level. Engage with our community platform and customer webinars to learn how others are tackling growing demands for enhanced marketing content, SEO challenges and more.

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Access + security in one place

While a wide variety of partners need access to your content and data, there are far more parties who don’t. As one of the only GS1-certified data pools to have achieved ISO-27001 certification for security, our tools ensure your content remains accurate, complete, updated and available to everyone who needs it—and protected from everyone else.

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Continuous training + support

We don’t expect you to become a GDSN expert overnight — or by yourself. Our community enablement team remains engaged throughout our relationship to ensure ongoing success for both content providers and recipients.

That access to information goes beyond face-to-face engagements. Your teams also benefit from digital education on niche topics, including item setup and maintenance, data quality, content creation and more.

Our customers, our community

Europe’s largest electronic retailer increases sales by €132M in 2021 alone with Swogo, a 1WorldSync company.

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Four-year partnership with 1WorldSync allows RxSugar®’s internal team of six to seamlessly scale operations to 25,000 retail stores.

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Parts Town and 1WorldSync’s 10-year partnership has led to 265,000 360-degree spin images and 30% conversion rates. Read this case study to learn more.

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