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At 1WorldSync, we leverage our deep GDSN legacy and expertise to efficiently connect you with buyers around the globe. We’re more than the world’s largest GDSN data pool; we’re a platform to orchestrate your entire product content journey.


Bridging the Content Gap Between Suppliers and Retailers

Create and distribute impactful content that is consistent and relevant everywhere commerce happens.

The World’s Largest Data Pool

Trading partners have access to the most current and complete information needed to exchange products in both local and global markets

Better, Faster Data Sharing

Gain access to a single source of product content truth

Global Flexibility and Reach

Strengthen your network with GDSN data pool access to drive more business

Preserve Your Brand Integrity

Accurate, consistent product content protects your reputation

We’re the world’s largest GDSN data pool. But what does that mean for you?

GDSN opens the door to unlimited possibilities for your company. And 1WorldSync has the most experience and capabilities of any data pool provider—ensuring your product assets are syndicated with precision and ease. The ability to seamlessly share high-quality product content allows you to partner with any and all GDSN-subscribing vendors of your choosing. The result? You expand your e-commerce customer base while also ensuring accurate, reliable product content in every market.

1WorldSync is also part of the GS1 Unique ID partner program, meaning we’ll work with you to ensure your brand is properly protected.

Simply put, GDSN allows you to reach more vendors and more customers, more rapidly and more accurately. You’ll boost your bottom line and access a deep community of your e-commerce vendors and peers.


Meet the Standard for Product Content Orchestration

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