‘Tis the Season to Prepare Your Content for the Holidays 

November 14, 2023

‘Tis the Season to Prepare Your Content for the Holidays 

There’s an understanding that the holiday shopping season officially begins after the Thanksgiving dishes have been put away. However many consumers have already made their lists and started buying gifts. Technically, it’s still fall, but holiday shopping has begun. ‘Tis the season to prepare your content for the holidays!  

Read on as the content experts from 1WorldSync explore the most effective ways to prepare and implement great content this holiday season. 


Revenue-Driving Product Content: The Gift that Keeps on Giving  


You can have the best product at the best price point, but if your content doesn’t deliver, shoppers won’t buy. Consumers will not buy a product if there’s a lack of content on your PDPs. Providing rich, high-quality content is the key to compelling users to purchase. 

E-commerce sales depend on product visuals, descriptions, and other data. With users doing most of their shopping online, they need product information that drives them to an informed purchase decision. 

Recent research from 1WorldSync found that 38 percent of consumers spend more time studying product content than a year ago. This increased focus on content is due to 

  • Considering tightened budgets (67%)
  • Discerning if they genuinely want or need the product (56%)
  • Understanding the product to ensure it will meet expectations (49%)
  • Ensuring value alignment (38%)
  • Seeking social proof (33%) 

These considerations –– plus others –– have consumers poring over product content. Every piece of your content either draws shoppers in or drives them away. Follow our tips below to ensure your product content is ready for the 2023 holiday season and into the new year. 


1. Roll Out Holiday Content Early 


Holiday shoppers start early, with eager gift givers checking off lists as early as the summer. You don’t have to celebrate Christmas in July, but your content needs to be ready once fall rolls around. 

Retail giants like Walmart, Target and Amazon have already begun holiday promotions. With timetables moving up every year, early October signals the start of the holiday gift-buying season. If you wait until December to prepare or publish your content, you’re behind –– perhaps too far behind to make up for lost time. 

Roll out your holiday product content early: earlier than you think. As shoppers decorate for Halloween, they’re already making mental lists and checking them twice. Engage them with holiday content and give them the impetus to take care of their gift-buying early. 


2. Get Cheery with Email Campaigns 


Email marketing can have a bad reputation for filling users’ inboxes with irrelevant content they don’t want to read. But when email marketing is done well, you serve the shopper and proactively help them tackle their holiday to-do list. 

Email campaigns require meticulous intentionality at every step. From the sender to the subject line and all the content in the message itself, all aspects of your holiday email content must work cohesively for you to see results. 

Every engagement matters. Well-timed emails not only remind consumers it’s time to start shopping, but they also provide an excellent opportunity for you to creatively highlight new products and provide quick access to your PDPs. 

When you create content for emails, think outside the box. Your content provides a unique opportunity to remind shoppers that the time to buy is now. Holiday-themed content simultaneously endears customers to your brand while creating touchpoints that lead to sales when it matters most. 

Craft emails your shoppers want to read. If the message and product are relevant and exciting, they’ll click on the message and read it, bringing them one step closer to their purchase. 


3. Recreate the In-Store Experience with Rich Product Content


Prioritizing rich product content on your PDPs and sales channels gives consumers the information they seek to confidently make a purchase decision. Unlike traditional product visuals, rich content immerses the shopper in the product. A few examples of rich product content include

  • Hot-spot imagery 
  • 360-degree spin photography 
  • AR-enabled product content interactions 
  • How-to videos 
  • Comparison tables 

Shoppers want something reminiscent of an in-store experience without leaving the couch. These content types allow shoppers to evaluate your product even when they can’t grab it off a physical shelf. The more a shopper feels knowledgeable about and comfortable with your product, the more likely they are to buy it and keep it, reducing your return rates.  


4. Create Holiday Urgency 


Good product content informs and builds confidence. But it also sends a message. Use your product content to create urgency among your shoppers and nudge them along in the buying process. 

Update your product descriptions and calls to action to communicate that time is running out on the opportunity to purchase for the holidays. Limited-time offers are especially effective around the holidays because customers feel pressed for time. 

Use your product content to highlight what the shopper already knows: time is running out; now is the time to buy; don’t put off holiday gift purchases another day.


5. Deliver Consistency Across All Channels 


In the rush of holiday shopping, consumers compare products across multiple channels to ensure they get the best product at the best price. Eighty-nine percent of shoppers visit more than one site before committing to purchase, and ninety-six percent look at multiple products. 

Shoppers are evaluating your products against others across many channels. As they do, consistent, accurate data is crucial. Consumers expect a consistent content experience across every touchpoint on all channels where the product is sold. 

Delivering consistent product content is essential, especially as you prepare for the holiday shopping season. Consistency breeds confidence and signals the quality of your brand and the items you sell. 


6. Bundles Must-Have Gifts to Streamline Shopping 


Relevant product bundling is a busy holiday shopper’s dream. Bundling done right can help consumers with the following: 

  • Find compatible accessories 
  • Discover new products 
  • Find products they didn’t know they wanted or needed 
  • Streamline gift buying 

With long lists of family and friends to shop for, consumers want to take advantage of product bundles to get the products they want at discounted prices. 

Savings –– especially during this time of year –– appeal to shoppers striving to get the most value from their purchase. All the while, bundles increase your average order values. Relevant bundles are a win-win for the shopper and the seller. 


Ring in the Holiday Cheer with Content Solutions from 1WorldSync


Your product content drives your sales during the holiday shopping season and all year long. No matter where you distribute your content, consistency, quality, and relevancy are nonnegotiable, especially when competing with every retailer vying for holiday shopping dollars. 

Partnering with 1WorldSync allows you to create product content that sells. Content creation, distribution, and management: you can do it all effortlessly with our suite of content tools. Our solutions make content simple no matter what you sell. The holidays are approaching, and the time to prepare is now. Contact us at 1WorldSync today to learn more about how we can streamline product content execution so you can see higher revenue than ever.